Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Voted!

I've been meaning to go vote early since the early voting polls opened. I knew that next Tuesday I was going to be wayyy too busy to get it done and we have a REALLY long ballot this time.

In fact last night I was flipping through the channels on the TV and came across our Government access channel. Where our County Voter Registrar lady thingy was on there Highly suggesting that everyone vote by absentee ballot because of how long the ballot is... but you have to have your request for the absentee ballot into her office by Oct 27... ummm last night was Nov 1st! I think that they were replaying a tape.

So we headed over to vote. The early voting was held at our local fire department. Apparently they were NOT expecting that many people to vote early because the building did not have enough you had to wait to get a parking space. I ended up parking along the curb. Then there was a line of folks waiting to get into the building. I was like #15 or so to get in and then they had another 10 folks waiting to vote inside.

Luckily I had read everything, made my selections and brought my sample ballot with me because it would have taken me forever to choose everything there at the poll. Also it was a big help to have my sample ballot to check my ballot at the end...I was reading the sample ballot and holding my place on the screen with my finger. Darly found that pretty funny...but I wanted to be sure. Then they print the ballot, you check it again and then you press cast ballot. I was finally done!

As we leave, the line is now outside of the building about 30 or so people...I have NO IDEA where they were parking! And as we went to the car some guy wanted my spot against the curb. Trying to get out of there was fun. I got to show off my teriffic driving skills for Darly...she wasn't impressed. *sigh*

We got home to miss DH's call that he's going to be late.


  1. We don't have early voting here. Boo-wah. Sadly, because it's not a traditionally "major" election, the polls won't be very crowded.

    Aren't all elections major?

  2. I wish we could vote early. You can vote absentee here but it's against the law if you're going to be in town on e-day. I still have to figure out who I'm voting for... local races, I mean. I know who I'm voting for for Congress and Governor and stuff already.

  3. I wondered if all the cars by the fire station were voters... but it seemed too early for there to be so many people voting! We sent in absentee ballots again, it's just easier for us to vote that way...

    I'm still catching up on comments after the crazy week we've had so...

    No I don't think M's pdoc has bi-polar, she is an excellent pdoc (extremely calm and even tempered.. not like BP at all!) and is one of the most highly regarded pdocs in Denver. I do think she isn't sure what to do with him and (because she loves him) IS trying anything she can think of to make his life better...

    In terms of the weird changes in his white count. M's pdoc had everyone from med tech's to hematologists looking at the blood, trying to find some problem with either the specimen or how it was run. No one ever found any logical reason why it dropped so dramatically, and then bounced back up. So, I'm still chalking this one up as a miracle :)

    Hope your weekend is a good one!