Sunday, November 05, 2006

My baby is growing up....

... but not too fast

Darly is eight & a half now. So I decided that since she wasn't asking much about getting older that I would get her a book about growing up. On a friend's recommendation, I got her "The Care and Keeping of You - The Body Book for Girls".
Darly started reading the book while we were still in the store and had it almost finished before we got home. Needless to say she was very interested and the book helped to start a lot of much needed conversation. Luckily she's very comfortable with asking me stuff now.

However, Darly decided the other day that she would now like to have a bra. She brought this up at dinner the other night and DH nearly choked. He said "No, you're too young and you don't need one yet." I just looked at her from across the table with a look that said & meant that we would go shopping soon.

So we went shopping on Friday and picked out a very nice set of bras for her. She thinks they're great. She also decided that today she would wear one for the very first time... to Church. I thought it would be fine.

And it was fine...

... Until we got out of Church and were heading for the parking lot. She announced that the bra was too itchy. So I told her that she could take it off in the car.

So I tried to talk her through the "secret" maneuver of removing a bra while keeping your shirt on. It probably would have helped if she wasn't wearing a shirt with very tight sleeves. She ended up having to slip her arms out of the sleeves to get the bra off...but she did and put it in her bag and spent the rest of the day braless.

So after we got home, I asked her when she next planned to wear her bra. She says the next time she is going to be with her friend or next weekend.

No, as far as we know, her friend doesn't wear a bra yet either. I should probably warn her mom. And I'll definately tell Darly to not bring it up with her friend. It's not like either of them need a bra yet.

Update: I emailed friend's mom this morning about the bra situation and she emailed me back that Darly had already told friend about the bra...
WHAT? When did she do that? It turns out that she told her on Friday at Girl Scouts. Luckily friend has an older sister and it was no big deal. So I just went upstairs and gave Darly the "You're in Big Trouble!" look while I told her what had happened. LOL!


  1. Yikes! My baby is the same age. Fortunately, she hasn't shown any interest in bras yet. I will see if that book is available here in New Zealand though. It sounds interesting. I love being mum to a daughter, don't you? I love being mum to my son as well, of course. But there is something divine about mothering a daughter.

  2. Oh, joy. I'm assuming that my 6 year old will be requesting one in the near future. Why are girls starting so young?

    Itchy? LOL She's going to have far more complaints after she wears them for a while. Poor girl.

  3. you spend all that time as a young girl wanting a bra, and then you learn that the things are NOT comfy. ;)

  4. OMG! How funny! When my agent was younger, she asked her mom for a "training bra."

    Her mom asked, "What are you training your boobs to do?"

  5. Awww that is so cute, I remember my first bra! i'm glad you're talking about those things with her, that way she's educated and knows her facts. :)

  6. This was such a cute post, I'd love to read that little book :)

  7. I'm just dreading the day I have to have "the talk" with Girlie Girl. She's already asking some questions but I better start reading up!

    The Pink Diary

  8. I think I got hand me downs from my sisters.

  9. Anonymous8:33 PM

    i think if your daughter is asking for a bra, whether she needs it or not isn't what's important, she should get one. both of my daughter's first bras were those sports bra type, easy to get off and on.

  10. i remember my first bra. it's like shaving your legs, you just can't wait to do it and then all of the sudden you just HATE it and wish you had never started :-) good luck with that one!

  11. Yea, I've got a 12 year old who's hit the makeup stage and had her first invitation for a date this month. Sigh. I'm getting old, but at least I'm having fun.

  12. Ah the joys. You're in good company. ;o)

  13. I remember my first bra! I was 7 and I got it for my birthday. We had a boy/girl party at chuck e. cheese. I was mortified! I totally needed it, but they could have maybe given it after the fact.

    I once removed an underwire that was poking me in the ribcage in an elevator at the mall- is that considered stealthy? LOL