Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well I Never! - a meme

This one is our charming Lady of the Hill's meme, and I picked it up over at Maremagnum's place listing things I have never done.

01. I have never had older siblings. I am the oldest.
02. I have never been Greenland
03. I have never had a son. Only a daughter, but I've changed plenty of boy diapers.
04. I have never been to Europe
05. I have never been to Africa
06. I have never been to Moscow
07. I have never been to a bed & breakfast
08. I have never driven a school bus
09. I have never seen a real panda bear in person
10. I have never buried treasure in St. Louis or St. Paul
11. I have never tried to learn Japanese or Chinese (although I've been to Japan)
12. I have never cooked a lobster
13. I have never played real golf (put-put lots of times though)
14. I have never ran a marathon (I don't run!)
15. I have never wanted to be in the medical profession (although one of the paramedics asked if I was a paramedic.)
16. I have never written a novel, or short story either.
17. I have never hoist the mainstay
18. I have never gone sailing (although I've always wanted to!)
19. I have never swab the poop deck
20. I have never veer to starboard 'cuz I never sail at all
21. I have never had a pedicure
22. I have never never owned a parrot (or held one either!)
23. I have never played bridge
24. I have never gotten head lice
25. I have never designed a blog template
26. I have never watched LOST
27. I have never plucked a rooster
28. I have never accidentally deleted important files (*knocks on wood)
29. I have never kissed a chipmunk
Last, but not least:
30. "I have never been to Boston in the Fall!"

In case you didn't catch it, many of my Nevers are also the lyrics to one of my favorite songs.

Tagging you and you, specially you if you belong to the ones who have never done a meme !


  1. Happy Fanksgifing to you and your family (and Lily)! We is fankful to have a purrson furriend - we nefurr 'spekted a purrson to like our bloggie.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you had a really nice one!

  3. I've done a few of those things, played golf, designed a blog, had a son, bed and breakfast, sailing, pedicure, designed a blog and I've deleted importany files.

  4. I'm up to six minutes now, and I've designed more than one blog!

    Thanks for your support!

  5. I have never been to Boston in the fall either!!
    Are you still recovering from Thanksgiving???

  6. Wow, well everybody come on over to Boston in the fall -- next fall, it's too late for this one -- and I'll cook you all lobster (lobstah) :)