Monday, June 25, 2007

Prayers & good thoughs needed

We had just got home from VBS today when my "step-dad" called. At first I saw the caller ID and thought it was my mom. I figured she was gonna whine about us going to the wedding.
But when I answered it was my "step-dad." Ut oh!

Vance (my "step-dad"- they aren't married, but have been together since 1993) said that he had to put my mom into the hospital yesterday because she couldn't breath. He said that she had pneumonia back in March and has still be coughing and hacking ever since. He finally took her to a pneumonogist (lung specialist) a while back who told her it was arthritis in her lungs. Meanwhile she is still coughing and hacking.

She was recently put on oxygen at home and that helped some...but yesterday was just too much. In fact she was "out of it" totally not herself. She was appologizing (this woman NEVER applogizes for ANYTHING!) So of course Vance knew something was wrong.

She's been in the hospital for 24 hours and the doctors have run x-rays & MRIs but still can't agree on what is wrong with her. One says pneumonia the other says not.

I'm not doctor...but a good dose of Anti-biotics never hurt anyone (well except for the yeast infection...but that's minor at this point). LOL! I have to make jokes about this to get through it.

So I'm pulling out all the stops here and I'm asking anyone to send prayers & postitive thoughts her way.

What's worse is the timing...we have plans to go to Michigan on Wednesday. I guess worst case, I go to FL (try to get the airlines to change my ticket) and Tom & Chrissy head to Michigan for the wedding.

Thanks everyone...will keep you posted.

UPDATE: My stepdad was at the hospital and she was getting worse again. Her heart rate was up and she was struggling to breath again. The nurse came in and Vance asked if they could see a lung specialist. The lung specialist had her moved to ICU and started running a bunch of tests that haven't ever been done on her (which to me seemed like something that should have been done right running a culture on the mucus in her lungs and doing blood cultures too. ) This was just done so we won't know anything for a bit.
They've upped her oxygen and put her on a full face mask which perked her up. They also gave her some pain meds...but they hadn't kicked in yet and mom was asking for her purse where she keeps her vicadin. Luckily my stepdad didn't let her have it.

UPDATE AGAIN: Just talked to my stepdad and while my mom is still in the ICU, she is stable and doing much better. The tests confirmed that she does have pneumonia so they are putting her on Anti-biotics for that. My stepdad wants them to check a few things with her arthritis & osteoporosis medications while they've got her captive.


  1. Totally sending healing vibes and thoughts and prayers your way. Do keep us posted. And, yes, stay with the humour. It's what got me through my family scare the other week. Hang in there, my friend....

  2. I hope everything goes better for you mom soon!! Wishing for a fast recovery!

  3. :-/


    Hope everything works itself out for you, Renee.

  4. I sure hope your mom gets better soon, Renee! We'll be thinking about you.

  5. Oh my. I will definitely send prayers and healing thoughts to your mom. How tough it must be for you to be so far away. Please keep us posted. ((hugs))

  6. Hope you get some good news today.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your mom's condition. She is definitely in my thoughts and prayers and you are as well as you try and cope during this difficult time.

  8. Good for Vance! Your mom definitely needs him in her corner (although I must say that this is an extreme way to miss a wedding!)

    Prayers are going out for her and for you in this time of concern and stress.

  9. Wow! You've had quite a time of it.

    I'm just catching up - my week is a series of drives - drive here... drive there... drive here... drive there... so it allows very little time to blog never mind laundry and all the other things I need to be doing.

    Those IV antibiotics will work their magic, I'm sure. She'll feel like a new person in short order and there will be no more apologizing. :-)

    I'm sending good thoughts and lots of prayers your way. Don't cancel your trip. Do what you have planned and if your mom takes a turn, play it by ear. You've waited a long time for this wedding and so has Darly. You don't want to miss her big day.

    Geeze... And you thought Mom was just going to whine...
    (I'm kidding!!)

  10. I heard about your mom at Jen's. Consider my best wishes added to the above chorus.

    I'm not a doctor either, but a sputum sample should've been
    taken upon admission because the cultures take 24-48 hours to grow.

    A broad spectrum antibiotic should've been started right away. Once the culture results come in, the antibiotic can be changed accordingly.

    All the best.

  11. You gotta put dates/times on these updates for me ;)

    Hope things are still looking up.

  12. Prayers for your mom, and you. I hope you get to still go to the wedding, and post a pic of Darly and her flower-girl cuteness.

  13. Hope your mom gets well soon...

  14. So glad that she's stable. Thanks for the updates. Hang in there.... :)

  15. Haven't heard from you in a few days. Hope everything is OK.

  16. What Bone said.

    *hugs* We're all thinking of you.

  17. We been gone fur awhile. I'm furry wurried 'bout yur mom. Purrs an' prayers from us!

  18. I'm so sorry for everything your family is going through. I hope she's feeling better soon!

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