Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where in the world is Renee this month?

I've been trying really hard to get Darly to see her bestest friend but lately things just aren't working out...and I've also tried to plan a camping trip for us, but that doesn't look like it's happening either.

Here's why:

Wed 6/6 worked at church* from 9am to 12pm, took Darly to park, no one there so we went to the mall to get me a hair appt & eat lunch, then took Darly to her gymnastics class. Got home to realize that I had forgotten to take anything out for dinner...we had hot dogs.
*working at Church to cover for the Secretary who is on vacation.

At Church there are only a few folks who volunteer there who are willing to do the computer work. So the Office manager saves up work for us to do. I'm not sure why they keep just finding out that they need certain info, but it seems each time I come to help out they need more data entered so they can have the software print out a report. Wednesday I got to enter all the Baptisms that have happened since May of 2006 when they ran out of pages in the "Big Red Book" and couldn't find any more.

Thurs 6/7 work at church 8 am til 12pm. I was supposed to be there today at 8 but the secretary forgot to tell me that. oops! trying to get Darly to see bestest friend, but realized that bestest friend is scheduled to do a coop class that we didn't sign up for. Probably won't work out then.

Today, Thursday, I got to Church about 7:55. I was the first one there. Luckily the construction crew was there so I could get in. I finished up one of the baptism items (someone had entered a family incorrectly...had the guy's mother as his wife. LOL!) And I got to start entering the Church's inventory. What a fun job that is. NOT! For insurance purposes, we have to keep a record of EVERYTHING in the Church. So I got to type out... in closet 2a, 95 folding chairs, value $15ea. It was great fun...not. But it is good to be helping out. I also got to learn how to operate the folding machine. Very interesting piece of equipment.
Unfortunately Bestest Friend and her family are going away for the weekend and Darly can't go visit with she'll not get her sleepover and will be very bummed when I tell her.

Friday 6/8 work at church 8 to 5. Darly will be helping me unless I can get her a sleepover. see sleepover. :(

No sleepover so Darly had to go with me to help out at Church. Unfortunately there wasn't much work she could do at Church that she wanted to do. She ended up reading upside down from a chair for most of the time. (she puts her feet & bottom in the chair and hangs her head down to the floor and reads upside down...I don't ask.) Since it was so quiet at Church we got to go home early.

Saturday 6/9 we will got to MIL's house to get her yard taken care of.
See the parade post above!

Sunday 6/10 I get to usher at Church to fill in for DH as he is leaving town. Not sure what we'll do after Church. Hummm girls in trouble ;)

DH left at about 9am for his trip and then Darly & I went to Church. I was ushering with the former Church president. Mr. Ex-Pres normally ushers at the 8am service, so I had to fill him in on how we do communion at the 10:30. It all went off mostly w/o any hitches...except one lady who was sitting in the Narthex came in before I was ready...but I just waved her on through. See our Church has four sections of pews and then there are also pews out in the Narthex for overflow and noisy children. (this past Sunday it was for quiet sleeping babies though.) They have 4 communion stations (one for each section) but the two outer sections of pews are much smaller, so they of course are done sooner. When that happens, we are supposed to send the larger sections to the outer stations...but that makes things very tricky for getting back to the pews. What they should do is go all the way around and back to the middle eisle to return to the pew...but they don't. LOL Oh well it worked out okay.

Monday 6/11 more work at Church 9-12 this time. Darly to gym at 4:30.

I got to Church first and had to find a way in. Soon after I got there a group that does medical screenings showed up to set up...turns out they were at the wrong Church. I had to go send them next door. One of them was smoking a cigarette...I hollered at him "HEY! THAT'S NOT HEALTHY!" he said he knew.
I started entering the inventory again...but only got one page done when I was asked to do another task. We are trying to make sure that everyone's info is entered into the system correctly and the same way...unfortunately we have a "Too many cooks in the kitchen" thing going on as each different person who works on something has their own idea of how it should be entered. So I spent today making everyone entered as Adults Only was really TWO adults...many were single! While doing this I found a family with TWO wives! LOL! That's not really what happened of course. Turns out that Mr & Mrs had two kids. Both kids got married and eventually moved away...but the DD was never moved out into her own family and someone changed her status to it looked like she was married to her dad. What's even weirder is that the DIL has the same first name as the DD. We had a lot of fun working that out...good thing the DIL works for the Church so I could ask her what is going on.

Tuesday 6/12 supposed to go to the zoo, probably won't; Darly has a doc appt for a physical so she can go to summer camp.

Wednesday 6/13 another attempt at park day and then gym at 4:30

Thursday 6/14 Hair appt for me so hopefully I look good for the wedding. Can't go to Night Out 'cuz there's no one to watch Darly.

Friday 6/15 going to see IMAX film on Beavers then will study animal habitats in Girl Scouts (should look for badges to cover) DH comes home

Saturday 6/16 Gym make up for Memorial Day.

Sunday 6/17 should be normal...we'll see

At least I don't have 4 things scheduled for one day...yet.


  1. I swear - you're one of the busiest person I know in the blogosphere or in real life! How do you get all that energy?

    An Island Life

  2. I think you need to add a few things in there.... You aren't busy enough... LOL!!

  3. Whew...I'm exhausted just reading your upcoming schedule. So tell me...where are the notations for "Renee takes a nap"?

  4. Catzee is the only one who uses that scratching post. I don't like it because it's too short and it's wobbly.

    pee ess - Next time you want to go to Night Out, Catzee and I will watch Darly for you.

  5. I thought that I was busy... You definitely win the prize! I cannot seem to plan that far ahead. Right now we are all just trying to finish out the school year.

  6. Ran out of space in the Big Red Book? That'd be my luck. lol

    What is a folding machine?