Saturday, June 02, 2007


It's another boring saturday here. DH had to work, so Darly & I are left to our own for entertainment.

We were supposed to go to a friend's baptism today. But Darly woke up throwing up. How fun is that???

She's been at it for 2 idea why. She feels a bit warm to my hand, but then my hands are always I just sent her to get the thermometer. I'm sure she isn't sick...she's never sick. I'm wondering if perhaps she's allergic to something as the only thing she ate last night that was different from the rest of us were Twizzlers.

We finally got a Pepto Bismol down here and she seems to have gotten empty. I'm betting that she'll be eating like crazy in about an hour...hoping it all stays down.

I should go do some more laundry...blech!

UPDATE: Darly was feeling better and did eat a lot today...with none of it coming back up! But I went outside to read my book and managed to sunburn my should see how I'm sitting to type isn't pretty! DH said my legs look like lobsters and he expects that I'll be the one puking soon. I've never done that puking from too much sun thing. But I did do something stupid... I put Aloe Vera on my legs...and then a bit later went to take a the water was warming up I had bent my legs and the aloe on them stuck together. When I went to stand up it was like I was ripping a bandaid off my legs. OWCH!

We still don't know what made Darly's tummy do the flip flop...I'm thinking it was the red dye that she ate, but it could be the artificial flavor. I don't really wanna test it again.


  1. I can handle blood, guts and gore...but I hate vomit! You have my sympathy. Hope Darly feels better soon.

  2. Throwing up is never fun and it always makes it worse when it ruins a perfectly good weekend. Hope Darly recovers quickly enough to enjoy at least part of it.

  3. Oh my, I hope she's feeling better.

  4. How long were you out in the sun? It sounds so painful!

    Hope Darly is feeling better. I'm sure you're making sure she drinks lots of liquids!

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  5. Oops, please disregard that last part of my comment.

  6. Hope Darly is doing good today and that your legs are ok! :)