Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Darly & I are doing really well on our own, but we've done this amount of time alone before. Things shouldn't get tricky for a while. I hope DH is able to call us soon though. :(

Today was Darly's first day at the new gym. And I wasn't happy. However, they had a good excuse. The owner was out sick, and one of Darly's new coaches messed up her leg so she isn't supposed to be spotting the kids at all. The owner asked her to come in to just work the phones. but then the second coach didn't come in tonight. So Darly's class got combined with another class. The other class was a small one, but it was all very young boys who had the attention span of gnats! I think I was more annoyed with two girls in Darly's class though.

The girls were hogging the equipment. when it was their turn, if they messed something up they backed up and went again, and again and again... and then after their turn they wouldn't get off the mats! I spoke with the coach about it though and she did try to keep those girls in line. Hopefully it's better when they have their normal class. And I did say something to the coach in front of one of their parents. (HAHA!) but who knows if he was even paying attention.

I was seriously thinking that I should put Darly on the team just so she would have a class with kids who were serious and not monkeying around. I just hope that the coach who didn't show up didn't quit. That would be sad to go through that again. sigh!

Today I finally called to get an appointment to get my hair cut...but I found out that my stylist moved...to a shop over near my old stylist. ugh! I think that the price they charge for a cut should be lower though, but this place charges based on the experience of the stylist...who knows what level they've put our gal at. We'll see. Darly wants her hair cut too. I should get before and after shots. We're going in on Thursday.


  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the new gymnastics place will be better once everyone is back at their job. As far as the haircuts...I definitely want to see the before and after shots : )

  2. Seems like everyone is getting haircuts these days.

    Elaine: "Sometimes I think about wearing my hair real short."

    Kevin: "Yeah! I think I like short hair. Really short!"

  3. You live a hectic life, I'm not sure I could keep up with you. Hope your doing OK just the two of you and that it won't be for too long. :)