Saturday, May 23, 2009

MIL update:

I finally got ahold of DH.

Currently she is still doing the same. We went to see her and she kept talking about DH. I have to wonder if her worrying about him got her worked up enough to have this stroke. sigh funny thing, I was all worried about DH on Tuesday too.

DH might be coming back to see her before he leaves, I left the decision to him.

I kinda think that since she's stable that he doesn't need to come (If her condition was deteriorating I would tell him to hop the next flight) and I also worry about MIL if he comes and then has to leave again. I won't tell him to not come.

SIL misunderstood what she heard on my phone call with DH and told MIL that he was coming...sigh! Now I'm a bit worried about her condition if he doesn't come too.

Just talked to SIL and there's a chance that they'll be moving her out of ICU the the neuro floor. She's still stable.
well today she seemed worse to us but the doctor said it was actually better. 

As part of the healing she had more swelling going on so she was sleepier, couldn't stay awake long enough to talk and was less responsive.  The doctor assured SIL that this is normal.  SIL is a nurse and knows most of this...I was teasing her because she and MIL's nurse were talking "nurse speak" and I didn't understand it.

Oh and we found out that she was found on top of a lamp that was ON so she had a nasty burn on her stomach. The nurse told me she fell on a lamp when I called Wednesday night, but I didn't realize it was on and she had been on it since she fell.  The burn was really bothering her yesterday so I requested that the nurse change her dressing early because MIL was so agitated by did seem to help...I don't know what they put on it...I would have put something to numb the area though (that's what I do to my burns).

We have figured out that she was fine up to at least 10pm on Tuesday because she wrote down the results to "Dancing with the Stars." And although I didn't watch the nurse said it was on that late on Tuesday. But MIL didn't answer her phone at 7am on Wednesday and she wasn't found until she missed her doctor's appointment at noon. (remember she was on a lamp this entire time...OUCH!)

SIL was with her all day today and was helping with her care. She was showing us (BIL & I) some things and we realized that she has some control of her left leg. But when the physical therapists were working with her, she wasn't able to sit up or even stay awake for them while they held her up.

She wasn't moved to Neuro because there wasn't a bed available.

Darly has been staying with her friend a lot lately while I've been getting the inlaws from the airport to the hospital.  Darly stayed the night with them last night.  I'm so very greatful that she has someplace fun to go during all of this.  Yesterday Darly, our friends & I went to the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary.  We had a great time and saw some beautiful is such a shame that we need a place like this.  All of the animals there were bred in captivity and sold as pets.  :(  Stupid humans!

The inlaws now have the keys to DH's car so I don't have to be a taxi.  DH is so funny (or at least I find his reactions to stress to be funny sometimes) his first thought is to call up the insurance and take his mom off the policy...and to worry about his siblings taking care of his car.  LOL!  The car looked just fine last night.

I finally had a good conversation with DH last night on my cell phone when I was at dinner with the inlaws.  I was able to give him as much info as I knew and we both agreed that (with the help of flights not being available due to the holiday) for him to hang tight where he is for now.  The doctors said that MIL still had another 24 hours until they considered her out of the woods for a repeat stroke.  Depending on when she actually had the stroke that is sometime Sunday before 7am.

MIL's stroke was the kind where the blood vessel bursts in the brain ...they call it a bleed out.  Apparently she had multiple bleeds in different parts of her brain and the doctor says she has a condition where this happens (I forgot those details).


  1. I'm glad she's doing as well as she is, and I'm praying for her and for all of you.


  2. Your MIL as well the entire family continue in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I hope she'll be okay! thinking of you! you have a lot on your shoulders -- take care of yourself! ((hugs))

  4. I wanted a middle name on here so I made one up!

  5. i'll keep her in my prayers!

  6. Sorry that I haven't been around much: your family is still in my thoughts and prayers. I hope things improve for her soon.

  7. I'm glad you got ahold of DH and hope MIL is out of ICU.

    How cute that she wrote down the Dancing With The Stars Results.

  8. Sounds like things are getting slowly on the mend, sorry to hear about it though again. Hugs

  9. Where are you? Your bloggers demand post! :)