Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week in review

or update.  Whatever you prefer.

First I'll answer a bit of fan mail (aka comments)
TC said...

"she asked if I would cut off the 1/2 inch she wants. I probably could, but I like that her hair was done right. "
ROFL Hahahaha. Oh man, I love it.
OK Chick: What can I say? I'm setting trends, I'm setting trends. Not blogging, cutting my hair... what will I start next? ;)
To TC: well I was considering cutting my hair, but your pictures did convince me to go this short.

Bone said...

Congrats on getting the spoon for two dollars. I was going to ask if you tried haggling like George did in that one episode.
No I didn't have to haggle.  The one shop had only name brands and this shop had a generic for what I was willing to pay.
Jen said...

What are these special spoons?
No there isn't anything special about them, it was just that the old spoons I had all broke and I needed new ones, but I didn't need a new ladel & spatula (cuz I don't use them) so buying a set wasn't worth it...I just needed to find the spoons.

Okay, now for the updates.

Last week I was asked to consider becoming a counter for our Church.  So on Monday I went in.  I was told the ladies start at one showed up until 8:45.  LOL!  The regular counters were eager to have some new blood.  I was told that some of the current counters are ready to move on to other things and that one counter is really getting too old to be of any use.  She can't see, she frequently miscounts and she doesn't cancel the checks correctly.  However, this same lady gets offended if you point out her mistakes and after working with her, I don't think that she is at all ready to step down from this job.  I'm sure she likes the company.  After I got home I got a call from this lady and I was at first worried that I was going to get told off for redoing some of her counting...but instead she was checking to see if she could add me to the schedule.  We'll see how this all comes out...I think the office manager would like for this lady to step down, but doesn't want to ask her to.  I think she wants me to come in and reform it so that the older lady quits.

Tuesday, Darly & I went to The Melting Pot for a tour and chocolate fondue.  I have to admit that I was very charmed by this place.  I had been to the Melting Pot in FL and wasn't at all impressed with it.  Honestly I was upset at paying so much for dinner and then having to cook my dinner myself!  And there wasn't much of anything to make it seem special, going there really put a damper on a wonderful day for me, that was the day that DH asked me to be his DW.
But this Melting Pot has a very charming atmosphere, with goregous views.  I may have to give them another chance, although the cooking my own dinner still doesn't appeal to me, perhaps we should go just for the chocolate!

After stuffing ourselves with chocolate we went with some friends over to a dance supply store in search of new leotards for Darly.  (they were looking for their girls too!)  But we struck out big time.  They didn't carry the type that we like.
So then it was time for lunch and we went to a nice deli.  Unfortunately they put mayonaise on Darly's "plain" turkey sandwich.  she only ate the upper half that didn't touch the mayo.  :p  My gyro was totally delish though.

next it was time to get Darly's yearbook photo taken.  Darly wanted to wait for a friend of hers to show up, but I learned later that she had already been there and gone.  oops.

And then Darly went to gymnastics.  She is really liking her new gym a lot.  We found out that they are doing "Open Gym" this next session... Darly can come in and work on whatever she wants.  So we'll be signing up for that soon. 

Wednesday we went to the park with our friends...and I didn't get sunburnt...although the wind did try to blow us away.  And Darly went for her final Confirmation class for this year...they went to the park and had ice cream...while freezing cuz it was cold outside.

I worked on my garden on Thursday & Friday...pulled a muscle in my back :p  but got it all ready to plant.

Friday night I went to TNO while Darly went to her friend's house.  I had yummy Pene pasta w/ Asparagus & Shrimp.  I saved half of it for lunch the next day.

Saturday I went to two plant sales.  The first one was done by CSU and even though the sale lasted until 1pm getting there at 11am wasn't a good idea.  When I got there I was told that there were no more heirloom plants left.  I was bummed.  but I looked at the other plants and picked out a few.  The "tomatoe lady" showed me a very nice plant that I agreed to buy.  I then thought I would get a Celebrity tomatoe since they're super easy to grow...I picked up a nice looking plant and put it in my tray.  As I headed to pay I happened to look at my plants and noticed that my "celebrity tomatoe" was really a Heirloom Cherokee Purple!  I was in shock!  I got an Heirloom and not only that it was a PURPLE tomatoe!  How lucky is that?  I figured it was meant to be.  The tomatoe lady was surprised too but unfortunately couldn't give me any info on my find, so I looked it up online, there was no way I was looking this gift horse in the mouth!

The second plant sale was better advertised and pretty much sold out by the time I got there. :(  But at least I got to use the restroom there before heading for the long drive home.

The tomatoe lady said that I needed to keep my plants protected for at least another 10 days or I could get a water wall and plant them.  So I decided to stop at Wally World to get a water wall and see if they have a reel lawn mower.  they didn't have either. :(
Then I headed to Tagawa gardens figuring that they MUST have a water wall...right?  ummm not so much.  The very nice floor manager said that they get that kind of merchandise in around January and by May have been sold out for some time...even the manufacturer didn't have any in stock.  BUT he told me how to make a water wall myself.  hee hee  it was meant to be!

To make a water wall you take some steaks (the wooden kind, not cow!) and make a tee pee over your plant.  Then take some freezer bags and fill them 3/4 full of water and attach them to your steaks.  Tah dah!  I'm off to the store for freezer bags so I can plant my tomatoe babies in the ground.  woo hoo!

Dh called me last night and used his entire phone card on me!  okay he talked to Darly too.

Today we went to Church for our last day of Sunday School!  The kids brought in some really yummy treats, I probably ate way too much.  Then in service we had Recognition of High School graduates, recognition of teachers, welcoming new members and a baptism! 

DH called again today.  I was in shock, but he's taking advantage of phone time when he can get it.  I noticed after our call that he had computer time too cuz I got quite a few emails from him.

hummm should I go shopping now or mow the lawn?  shopping!  even grocery shopping is better than mowing.


  1. I did'nt post pics. I said I wish my my mom took pics.

  2. the melting pot is AWESOME!! jason took me there for my birthday a couple years ago and we were there for FOUR hours!! from appetizer to dessert...quite the feast!

  3. "You know what I do at the Yankees when one of these old guys is breathing down my neck? Schedule a late meeting. These old guys, they're up at 4 AM. By 2:30, they're wiped."

  4. "She can't see, she frequently miscounts and she doesn't cancel the checks correctly." People say that about me now. I'm kidding. This sentence made me laugh. HA! So what's a counter? At my church a counter counts all the people that attend church. Is that what you will be doing?

    I feel the same way about the Melting Pot. I thought it was ok, but way too expensive. I mean, you pay an arm and leg to cook your own food. But, at the same time it is a charming little place.

    You guys ars staying busy!

  5. I hate dealing with people who stink at their job, but don't want to be told how to do it right. I used to temp with old ladies like that all the time. I hope when I'm old that I don't get all crotchety and inflexible. Or at least, not any MORE crotchety and inflexible than I am now when I'm knock, knock, knockin' on 40's door...