Friday, March 19, 2010

Daily Mile

Hey did you notice the new Widget on my blog?  It's right over there <--  it's my Daily Mile.  I'm hoping that this thing helps me to stay motivated...cuz I really really really need to fit in my old summer clothes.  It has been quite the bummer that my old clothes are getting too snug and so I want to do something to help me loose some inches.

So far I haven't seen any difference.  In fact I found that when I tried to wear some of my new bigger jeans they were too tight!  YIKES!  this isn't good.

So my goal is to do something each day.  I have a buddy who will go out walking with me.  So hopefully at least 2 times per week we'll head out there and clock in at least 4 miles of walking.  I may also drag my hubby with me to get in another walk on the weekend.

Right now our biggest detterent is the weather, which is why I've been taking advantage of our elliptical trainer.  When I walk outside it takes me longer to do 4 miles, but outside has hills and stuff.  The elliptical only takes me about 30 min to do...but when I get to that point right now I'm bushed.  So I guess that's a good thing.  Hopefully I'll work my way up again to do the elliptical longer and clock in more miles and then be able to add more mileage to my outdoor walks too.


  1. The elliptical is seriously soooooo hard. Congratulations for embarking on such a full body workout! Keep with it, I love the training widget. It is great for your readers to be able to track your progress! You almost motivated me, but I'm literally eating chips while I'm reading your blog and they are just too good to stop!

  2. Maybe there's fat in that non-fat yogurt you've been eating.

  3. Maybe your clothes are really shrinking?