Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Smoking rant!

okay all you smokers out there... I'm about to tear into you and if you don't like it...I'm not sorry about it.

I'm really sick of you all! (that includes you too mom! actually double for you!)

I just don't get it. It costs a lot of money to smoke. You're not allowed to smoke inside any buildings. You stink, it makes you sick and could kill you. Yet you do it anyway. If you buy a car and smoke in it, you've lowered it's value for if you want to resell it. If you buy a house and smoke in it, you've just either lowered it's value or totally cut your buyer population by a huge number. If you have children, you're making them sick too...even if you don't smoke around them because the smoke is in your clothes.

Every time you drive down the road and toss a butt out you earn the scorn of every non-smoker on the road. A friend of mine told me that once her car's fan sucked up the lit butt of a cigarette that someone from the car in front of her had tossed out and it was blown into her car! But of course the smoker never knew that! Tossed butts can also end up flying into open windows on other cars. If I'm stopped at a red light your second hand smoke will enter my car. But you don't care!

Note to my mother... YOU HAVE COPD! This WAS caused by your smoking! Your chronic bronchitis and pneumonia WERE caused by smoking. This WILL kill YOU! However, if you stopped smoking your lungs would heal and you would have a better quality of life for what you have left. Who knows, you might even get well enough to start working again and get off disability. You wouldn't be stuck at home all day bored out of your head. I know that you don't care if you die early from this, but did you really want to be stuck at the house bored out of your mind all day??? REALLY??? In case you haven't noticed, your kids do care if you die early from this.

I do realize this is an addiction. There are many many ways to stop smoking out there. But you have to stop because you want to. What does it take to make you want to?


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩ ........................................

  2. Smoking really saddens me. I have seen people I love die a slow and painful death for an addition of which there is so much help and support available. Even if you don't love yourself enough to stop, others do and the choices smokers make impact all of us. Help is out there.