Monday, March 01, 2010

Sorry, sorry, sorry

I know I've been a bad blogger. I've been reading blogs but I haven't posted anything.

Excuses, yeah, I've got lots...but you don't want to hear that. right?

Those of you who follow my rants blog know that I haven't been ranting about anything either. and that's a good thing, I haven't had much to vent about at all...things have been going rather well since the funeral.

DH's health is doing really well. The docs are still worried about him getting blood clots, but his last sonogram showed no clots at all (although the tech wasn't supposed to tell dh that.) The docs still have him on blood thinners though, but at least I don't have to give him any shots (speaking of, I should call the pharmacy and let them know we don't need the shots!) LOL

Darly is doing well. We haven't reached the halfway point to her goal for selling Girl Scout cookies and I don't think that we will, but that's okay. We had a lot of obstacles this year for cookie selling. We weren't here for initial order taking so many of our neighbors bought from someone else. We switched Churches so our main buyers weren't available to us anymore, and it was very cold out to try to hit up new neighbors. We have a cookie booth this weekend, so perhaps we make up for it then.

She is still doing well in gymnastics...although I see that her desire isn't quite there...she really wanted to be on TEAM and there aren't any TEAM opportunities for her right now. I'm a bit miffed...I asked about her getting on TEAM and they told us not until June, but then the next class to try to get the girls to behave they told them that if they wanted to be on TEAM they had to listen to their coaches. Darly always behaves. So it was a speech for the others. But it makes it seem as if the only reason she isn't on team is because of the behavior. poor kid I should ask about USAG. She really needs to be pushed again.

I've been running around (when I'm not playing games on facebook) doing Girl Scouts, homeschooling and Church stuff.

Yesterday our Church met for the first time in one of our member's homes. They have a really large home with a HUGE basement that they aren't using. The space is awesome and with a bit of tweaking will make a great worship space. I've offered to help with the financial tracking, so I've been bringing my computer with me...yesterday it decided to be a spaz I think that DH messed up my battery on it. ugh.

hummm that's about all I know to tell you.


  1. If gymnastics has hit a lull, you could always get her interested in curling :)

    Glad to hear DH is OK.

  2. I am now following you from MBC

    Cute Blog!

  3. LOL@ Bone

    Normally this is where I'd yell at you for never blogging, but as someone who posted twice in February, I've got nothing.

  4. Bone: I would try, but I don't know where they have curling here (other than at the beauty school)

    Deb: Hey! Welcome

    TC: he he