Sunday, August 22, 2010

May I sit at the Grown up's table please?

UGH this is so upsetting.

When we go out to dinner as a family of course we have Darly with us. But Darly is no ordinary child... she behaves in restaurants. But unfortunately every time we go out and ask for a table for 3 we get seated in the "families with kids" section of the restaurants.

I should have asked for a different table tonight. It was our Anniversary dinner. @@ I don't know why I didn't ask if we could move...I think it was partly because I really needed to use the restroom and didn't pay attention to the table right next to us and partly because I assumed that due to the mess on the table that they were about finished and ready to leave...ummm nope, they had just ordered.

I didn't want to stare and give you a better idea of the other party... they were in a booth with an extra two top table pulled over. Seated at the two top were two toddlers in booster chairs. Thankfully there were adults seated next to them, but a lot of good that did as the toddlers have the parents trained to give in to their demands.

The one child went right into the whiney cry and the mother yells "WHAT?" The child doesn't ever tell her what he wants, but the mother is trying every trick in the book to get him to be quiet. lovely


Well if this place was looking to turn the table quickly, they did that very well. We were out of there before the table next to us...even after I had to run to the car and get my purse so we could leave a cash tip and dash!

I am desperate to find a nice quite place to go for dinner that doesn't cost $30 or more per plate. But alas it seems that I need to just eat at home instead.


  1. I have asked to be moved more than once. Not too long ago, we were out to dinner - just the two of us - and they tried to put us at a table with twin screaming toddlers... ummm - I think not! I told the hostess that I left mine at home so I could enjoy an evening out with my spouse. She snarled, but she moved us. The best part - she didn't know that my two were teens!! hahaha!!
    I think it's awful that they would place you and your older child near people with toddlers... Darly isn't 2... she's nearly a teen!!
    BTW: Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. I behaved in restaurants, too. I remember NOT behaving once, and I was taken out of the restaurant. It never happened again. I'll be doing the same thing with my kids.

  3. Now you understand what every single person hates!
    I hate walking into a restaurant and seeing/hearing loud kids.I do give the parent the benefit of the doubt, but after awhile I become annoyed. I don't have kids. Therefore, I don't want to be around you loud/screaming child. There I said it! Spoken from a single person!

  4. You forgot to mention that mother was wearing a teeny sphagetti strap shirt that I was sure was going to pop, Seemed to have already had 2 drinks, and when the child refused to eat it's food, She stared yelling at it.