Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Craptacular! @@

Some may call me paranoid, but they are usually wrong more frequently than I am.

So here's what has me feeling that something is going on now...

Darly has been taking gymnastics at the new gym for over a year now. Since we joined she has been evaluated 3 times to see if she might be competition material. They gym offers USAG and EAGLES programs. USAG is what you see on the olympics...well one day these girls might grow up to be in the olympics. EAGLES is closer to a recreational program...not quite so strict.

All 3 times that Darly has been evaluated it was determined that she could be on a team. The first two times we turned the gym down due to other commitments. The third time the teams had no room for Darly (they were both full).

Now it is after season for the EAGLES team and time for the level 4 girls to move up...making room for new level 4 girls. So the gym offered a try out for girls. It looked as if Darly was finally going to be able to get on a team because the teams had room and Darly had the time.

So she tried out. She did very well. Not as well as some of the girls but better than others. However this time she was not chosen for the team.

The reason we were given was that she didn't have the strength and form required for the team. (what about before???) The coach said he would rather have girls who had strength and form over "tricks" because he could teach the tricks. He did not mention the other 3 times she was deemed team material.

I really feel that she was not chosen for team because she turned it down before. I think that because I chose to not put gymnastics above our other commitments that they are punishing us (or believe that if something else came up we would dump the gym).

and unfortunately the latter might be the case. Darly really wants to get into acting and that takes place on the same night as her current gymnastics class. If she had made it on the EAGLES team she could have done both acting and gymnastics. However, she didn't make the she is going to try out for the play. I really hope that she gets a part in the play.


  1. Hmm. I agree that it sounds like they were counting on you to say no again so that they could slot in other girls. I'm so sorry for Darly. But maybe this is the push for a change of direction. At her age, it's great that she has the opportunity to explore a variety of experiences.

  2. That's crappy.