Friday, September 17, 2010


Tonight's weird IM convo because getting up and walking to the other room is just too much work!

sorry for the LOLKitteh talk...we do that frequently here. I doubt it helps with spelling though.


RENEE says: U no how the oben works

Darly says: But i don't know how to makes chickens

RENEE says: read the package...duh!

Darly says: but packages can lie

RENEE says: but this one doesn't
preheat oven to 400.

Darly says: isn't u hungrie?

RENEE says: put chickie on foil covered cookie sheet
place in oben
set timer for 1/2 the time it says
when that goes off, flip the chickie
then set timer for other half (I did 20 last night)
20 total min

Darly says: Should I make something else?

RENEE says: then heat the potatoes, veggies & graby

Darly says: But I don't want gaby

RENEE says: you could make biscuits too.
I want graby!!!

Darly says: ZE U MAKE GRABY!

RENEE says: u no this goes on de blog...right?

Darly says: u no, at my house when i grow up, graby will be unheard of

RENEE says: rotflol! yeah right!

note: the child has NOT got up to make my chicken & gravy! It's frozen breaded chicken strips.


  1. child never did fix the dinner. sigh!

  2. ROTFLMBO!!!! :-D Graby be good noms. Even the cats agree. ;-)

  3. You spoil that girl ;)