Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still frustrated by the doctor!

a while back I posted this lovely post. well the saga continues... @@ <-that's me rolling my eyes.

DH went back to the hematologist yesterday and came home still frustrated by this man. It seems to us that he doesn't even read DH's chart. DH asked about the repeated blood testes that have been ordered and the guy couldn't even give DH a straight answer about the results. He quickly flipped through the chart and said that the white blood cell count levels did seem to be improving a bit (funny with all the blood they've been drawing!)

The doc wanted to do another bone marrow biopsy. The last time DH had this procedure it A) costs us nearly $300. B) ended up cracking DH's pelvis and left him in pain since...and C) showed nothing wrong with him!

When DH said that he did NOT want to do another biopsy because he thinks his pelvis was cracked by the previous one the doctor tried to tell him that his symptoms were NOT from a cracked pelvis but from a pinched nerve and that he should go see a chiropractor. (yet when we checked the symptoms on line they all together point to the cracked pelvis and not a pinched nerve!) The doctor tried really hard to convince DH to take another test. DH refused.

The reason the doctor wants to run the test is to find the cause for his low white blood cell count. The doctor refuses to believe that this is just genetic. Every other doctor that DH has been to has looked at MIL & SIL's records and believed, but apparently in this day and age there MUST be a reason other than genetics.

I suggested that DH speak with his primary care doc about the results and see if she might suggest a second opinion or believe him and his charts so he can discontinue seeing a doctor who seems bent on draining our checking account. Hopefully he'll do that as he really would like to stop seeing this doctor. fingers crossed.


  1. Oh wow. Some doctors these days just want that money. Not healthy patients!!! >:-( Turning us all into guinea pigs for their entertainment. :-P

  2. Ugh! He should be able to see another hematologist, this one sounds like a bozo...

  3. If DH is feeling fine, I'd blow off this quack and just live how he feels is OK :)