Thursday, September 09, 2010

the latest...

well Darly tried out for the play but didn't make it. :( we were both really bummed as we thought she did awesome in the audition. I thought she nailed the part. I couldn't be sure but it could have been that they picked kids that they knew from previous plays. Oh well...she isn't giving up. But right now there aren't any plays to try out for.

But Darly doesn't want to return to gymnastics. I thought that perhaps she might want to do tumbling, but nope...not that either. Okie Dokie! No idea what I'm going to do to make sure she is getting PE but I'm sure something will come up. Her bff's mom mentioned dance (bff does dance) but Darly is pretty sure she doesn't want to dance. She says it's boring.

in other news: while I was researching tumbling options I came across a review for the gym Darly was most recently at...
by parkerfan

This program has really gone down hill since that review was written. In 2010 Parker School of Gymnastics is the best gym in Parker. With a new owner PSG is amazing!!

MomBaker - 09/07/10
Really, I've been to both and there's no comparison. Alpha is by far a better and more caring place to send your kids.
jenmom - 09/09/10
I've been to both and we prefer Alpha!

I'm pretty sure that the review was written by the new owner of the old gym (he was the manager...the guy we hated!)
Course I can't be 100% sure that the review was written by the owner, but the avatar he used looked pretty much like him and the attitude was all him.

funny if his gym is so great, then why did half of his USAG team leave to come to our new gym???


  1. Bummer about Darly not making the play :(

  2. I'm sorry Darly didn't make the play! Boo!!!