Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Flying Dog!!!

We just returned from our camping trip. We had a great time. The cabin we stayed in was very nice. Here's a link to the cabin we stayed in last year http://parks.state.co.us/Parks/GoldenGateCanyon/CabinsandYurts/Pages/GoldenGateCanyonCabinsYurts.aspx This year we were in a similar cabin.

We went up with some friends... Darly's BFF and BFF's Mom. BFF is rather a cranky person in the mornings and didn't like being woken up...but then she didn't like it if we let her sleep either. LOL, no pleasing that kid. So to be funny we put Lilly up in BFF's bed on the top bunk. Lilly of course knows how to make folks wake up...she's very good at it.

But she isn't very good at posing for pictures. I was trying to get a picture of Lilly up in the bunk and called her...so Lilly being a good girl came to me. YUP! Flying dog!

She scared me to death! I had the camera in my hands and didn't have enough time to try to catch her...which probably would have hurt both of us pretty badly anyway. So she hit the floor. She didn't seem at all hurt by it and now two days later doesn't seem any worse for wear.

We took Lilly on a hike and other than pulling me down on some loose gravel she did really well. Lilly likes to be in the lead so she kept pulling on the leash. Finally I had to "put the girdle" on her...that's where you take the leash and wrap it around the dog's belly and through the leash again, so it's like a choke collar but around the belly. It is really effective at keeping your dog from pulling...so much so that Lilly will do anything to try to get out of having to wear the leash that way.

The Food Report for Lilly: Well Saturday night she didn't get anything special as the people went to a cookout at another campsite. bummer. Sunday night the people had stew (that smelled up the cabin all day and made us all extra hungry!) and Lilly got to eat some of that...YUMMMY! Monday night the people had hamburgers & mac n cheese and Lilly had one bite of hamburger and some mac n cheese. no smores for Lilly though. oh and she got to clean up breakfast dishes of oatmeal and grits each day.

There were lots of squirrels running around and laughing at Lilly...she got to chase a few. There were also a few dogs to try to bark at, but mom was mean and wouldn't let her. Sunday morning there was a lot of activity in the camp as most folks were packing up to leave...Lilly had to woof at them all...waking Mom and getting her really angry! Monday morning Lilly slept in the crate and Mom got to sleep in until 9:30...much better!

Now we're home, Lilly got a bath and doesn't smell like a camp dog anymore.


  1. Darly doesn't seem to like to get up in the morning either - guess that's why she and BFF get along so well ;)

  2. TC: True, but Darly was already up. so it was well past time for BFF to get up too. ;o)