Thursday, October 28, 2010

TC's Christmas list

TC said...
Oh, this reminds me I should send you my list. :-D

- personalized return-address labels (I really love the square ones on The Stationary Studio)
- stamps, photostamps
- fondue set
- "The best day of someone else's life" - Kerry Reichs
- "Hungry Girl: 1-2-3" cookbook
- "Weight Watchers: Take-out tonight!" cookbook
- "Where Men Win Glory" - Krakauer
- Video-editing software
- "My Boys" Seasons 1, 2 and 3
- Gift cards: gas, barnes & noble, victoria's secret, noodles, sonic, qdoba, wal-mart, target, applebees
- neck pillow for flights
- Hoops 'n YoYo apron
- Long button-up sweater to wear over stuff
- good electric toothbrush
- Socks (not "funny" ones, but more work ones. Including some tall - knee high - ones. Not trouser socks, though.)
- tri-fold black wallet


  1. Fefyfomanna: The new Amazon wish list.

  2. So ... who's buying me presents? :)

  3. LOVE "My Boys"! Super bummed it was cancelled. List is great, may forward it to my hubs and pass it off as my own.

  4. LOL @ Mommyfriend!!! Did it work?!?! I got Season 1 :-D I am so sad it was cancelled too :(