Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A daughter in mourning...

IM convo cuz we're both on computers...only 20 feet apart.

Darly says: OMW, there's an AMERICAN GIRL COMMERCiAL
RENEE says: on tv?
Darly says: no  the site, but I think it will be on tv soon
RENEE says: y b sick & cry (note: she had emocions for sick & crying) oh cuz they're cheapening the dollies?
Darly says: Cry cuz ag's going in the pitts,
RENEE says: sorry hun
Darly says: Sick because MATTEL IS SICK
RENEE says: you could boycott them  stop buying their stuff
Darly says: Soon they'll be all plastic, have gient boobs,
Huge butts,
RENEE says: gient?
Darly says: GIANT
RENEE says: they already have huge butts
Darly says: bigger butts
RENEE says: boycott, boycott
Darly says: Teeny itsy bitsy waists,
RENEE says: no more mattel stuff in my house
Darly says: I wisk  WISH
RENEE says: sounds like barbie
Darly says: exactly
RENEE says: life in plastic...it's fantastic!
Darly says: That's why i'm gonna go to the ag store, and SCREAM at everyone there that Mattel is DORKS
NO IT'S NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (in response to my life in plastic remark)
RENEE says: ummm I don't think I can take you to the AG store to make a scene  I thought you wanted to work there
Darly says: the whole point of AG's was NOT to be like barbies
RENEE says: I know, but then the original owner sold out and made millions
Darly says: It was for them to be encouraging girls to make the best out of childhood
RENEE says: now Mattel is driving them into the ground
RENEE says: like they do everything
Darly says: (crying emocion)
RENEE says: good thing you're all growed up now
Darly says: NO I'M NOIT
I'm 12 years old and I want to stay a little kid who loves her dolls
And can shut out the rest of the world when she's with them
RENEE says: la la la la
Darly says: I want to have a proper childhood
But that will never happen
My children will be born into plastic agony
And the world will expolde
RENEE says: ya know not every childhood includes over a thousand dollars worth of dolls
Darly says: Yes,
But the first AG's only cost like, $70 maybe less
RENEE says: are any of your dolls PC's (PC is for Pleasant Company, original owner of American Girl)
Darly says: one
wel, teo
Sandy, and niv=cki
RENEE says:
you must be really ticked cuz you can't even spell like a cat!
Darly says: yes
And my shirt's all wet
Darly says: I'm crying
RENEE says: real tears?
Darly says: yes
RENEE says: ah hunny don't cry
Darly says: They're pure evil
RENEE says: yes
Darly says: They don't even care about girls anymore
RENEE says: well I guess I don't need that coupon for the personal shopper now
they never did
Darly says: All they want is bukoo bux
RENEE says: yup
RENEE says: until Mattel gave them bukoo bux to buy the name
I really think that they're shooting their nose off to spite their face though
opening stores everywhere will make the stores not so special
Darly says: All i want is the remnants of Pleasent company's past
RENEE says: so now I have to buy just from ebay

Darly says: Elizabeth, and Josafina
I may get a few of the semi newer outfits
cuz I like a few of them
RENEE says: lol
Darly says: but then I will go off to some other doll brand
Maybe GBH
They're cute
Soon we'll be abel to buy AG's in target
for 1000000000000 dollars ofcourse
RENEE says:  and Walmart!
Darly says: Yes
And walmart
RENEE says: and KMart
and Smarty Mart
Darly says: Kmart LAYAWAY 
RENEE says: and quickie mart
Darly says: SMARTY MART??????????/
RENEE says: and doobie mart
Darly says: QUICKYMART/
RENEE says: and wookie mart
Darly says: what the
RENEE says: and petsmart
Darly says: Um
As dog toys?
RENEE says: and dingomart
Darly says: for 5000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars?
RENEE says: and automart
and bippomart
Darly says:  And lemmie gues

I got her to stop crying over the commercial.  course I still think she wants me to buy her some more dolls.  ugh


  1. ROFL hysterically. Anyway, good for Darly for wanting to enjoy her childhood while it lasts!

  2. LOL at the real tears.

    I didn't know they'd sold out :( That makes me sad.

  3. Kinda reminds me of when Kramer took his Pottery Barn catalogs back to Pottery Barn.