Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend update!

In the tradition of many of my blogger friends, I've decided that I should do a weekend update.  So that you can all see the fun that is the fefyfomanna house.  LOL!  

So our weekend began bright and early as Darly had a Girl Scout thing to go to, on the other side of town.  Supposedly…  See the info we received said that the even started at 9am but to please be there early to check in at 8:30AM!  The location of the event was 45 min away.  ARGH!  So I inhaled my coffee and off we go.  We arrived early, cuz I’m just that good…and then we learned that the info THEY had said that we were supposed to check in at 9am, and start at 9:30!  WHAT?  I could have slept another half hour???  Argh!  I could have been on Facebook for that half hour, I could have done a lot of things with that half hour…alas, it was not to be.  Oh and guess what!  The gal from Girl Scouts didn’t even show up (said she was sick) the poor venue had to deal with us all by themselves.

The event was a field trip & tour of a local Vet’s office.  The girls were going to learn about pet care, talk to a woman vet, talk to a woman vet tech and get a tour of the vet’s office.  This isn’t your normal vet’s office either…it’s one of the major offices that provide care for pets who’s owners cannot afford to pay full price.  The rest of the money is supplied by donors.  The girls were all asked to bring in donations of supplies…they got a nice haul.
Our group got to tour the office first.  We got to meet a poor puppy with a broken leg, a cat who was in for blood work (no touching please!) and a lab who had had a very large abdominal mass removed and was having her bandages changed.  The girls got to see jars of stuff removed from pets (blech!) and read some radiographs (x-rays).  The vet tech told us where she went to school and about her job, what a typical day looks like…etc.  It was very cool.

Then it was time to talk with the Vet and learn about how she became a vet, via being a Country singer.  She didn’t go into details.  LOL!  She also told us that she has 7 dogs, a cat, & 14 birds…but didn’t tell us how many pets she’s allowed to have where she lives.  I bit my tongue about how that many pets is an occupational hazard for vets. ;)
Since we started our tour so early, we decided to go with our friends to one of our favorite museums.  I was worried that it might be crowded, but it wasn’t that bad.  Started off in the health section of the museum and learned about the sugar content of some cereals.  Then Darly wanted to do the age progression simulation.  She wasn’t happy to learn that she might look like her great grandmother.  He he

Then we headed to the IMAX to see Under the Sea in 3-D!  That was very cool.  I thought I might have nightmares from the sea snakes, but it wasn’t that bad.  :D  Next we went for a visit to the Amazon exhibit.  They had REAL piranha that we could watch…looked like normal fish, although these were the kind that will swarm.

Then it was time to head home…we beat DH home.

Well that was Saturday.   

On Sunday, Darly had to Acolyte at Church…so we had to be there early…(what’s up with all these early mornings???)  We get there and there’s a man outside taking pictures.  I didn’t think too much of it and we went inside.  A minute later, he comes in and introduces himself.  Seems his friends invited him, but he got there way too early.  So I show him around…he’s quite the talker.  After I managed to ditch er get him someone else to talk to he somehow found his way to DH too!  After Church service he ended up taking our picture.  Ne ne ne neeeeh!

We had brunch at Egg & I, and went to the library.  And that’s about it.

See so very exciting here.

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