Monday, June 18, 2012

Growin up

It is a bit funny how life kind of sneaks up on you and shows you things you didn't want to see (were hiding from) and one of those things is about how you're growing up.

We all can't wait to become adults but pretty quickly learn that there's a lot of yucky things that come with that.  Things we would rather work and stuff.

But lately there have been a few things that have happened that kinda smacked me in the face with that entire growing up thing.  One is the recent hail storm and having to make the arrangements for getting the repairs done.  I guess it didn't hit me before because I just put it off and let hubby deal with it...note: he didn't deal with it either, so we are just now getting the roof replaced. :p

The other thing is happened at Church.  I don't know if you've noticed but in a Church there's a certain order to how things are done.  When you're in one age bracket you do a certain type of job that needs to be done at Church...but there are some things that you don't do because that's for someone older.  Probably because that was a job your parents used to do so you expect folks your parents' age to do them.  And then one day it hits you... YOU ARE THE AGE YOUR PARENTS WERE WHEN THEY DID THAT JOB!  ACK!!!!

The thing that brought this on is that I was recently asked if I would take home the communion linens and wash them.  ACK!  Who me?  Really?  um, yes YOU! 

There's one lady at Church who takes care of "everything!"  She cleans up the kitchen after service and takes care of cleaning up the communion supplies...all that grown up stuff.  However, one of the ladies in our church embroidered our communion linens and when everything lady tried to get the wine stains out of them, she used bleach on them.  Well that got embroidery lady upset because the embroidery faded.  Everything lady didn't know of another way to get the wine out of the linens though... so Sunday she asked if I would do them instead.

We don't drink wine in my house and certainly don't spill it.  So I really had no idea how to get the wine I was nervous.  I didn't want to mess it up.  But I agreed to try.  I sprayed Zout on the wine stains as soon as we got home and just let them sit.  A few hours later I checked and sprayed them again.  That seemed to do the trick, so I ran them through the wash and then I decided to just hang them to dry.  I ironed them this morning and now they're ready to go back to church.

I guess I just didn't feel as if I was ready to take on doing this kind of job.  Course now that I've done it and it appears that I've done it right (we'll see when I return the linens) I'll probably be doing this job for a while.  I wonder if there's someone I can trade off with though so I'm not doing church laundry every week?


  1. I'd be in the same boat as you when it comes to wine stains. The worry now, is that you did such a good job that they'll want it to become your permanent job, LOL

    The job-age thing reminded me of Pearl S. Buck's autobiography, My Several Worlds. Have you ever read it? She makes the same observation about the Chinese. Kids seem to have assigned "stages" based on age. It was an interesting book.

  2. Uh, do you think you could get some mutton stains out of Grandma Memma's napkins for me?

    I'm not looking forward to growing up.

    1. Just feed them to the dog. ;o)

  3. PS - I'm glad you're back to blogging more! Now if we can just get you to start Tweeting :)