Monday, June 11, 2012

Hail Update

Yesterday after Church we were looking at our hail damage and trying to see if anything survived.  It appears that we didn't have a total loss on my plants...YAY  My veggie plants all have new growth on them.  I guess they were happy with the Fish Emulsion that I gave them the day before.

But we also noticed another loss... one of our windows (the ones we replaced in Dec 10) is broken!  So we filed a claim with the insurance.  We also added the grill and our plants to the list.

I'm sure the adjuster will give us some grief for not mentioning the roof, but hopefully he'll be fine once we explain that we didn't claim it because they've already paid us for it.

Speaking of that... the day after the storm we had two roofers approach me that morning and then two more roofers came that evening!  Our roofer who we almost had a contract with called and asked to come over that evening to sign the contract!  I think that he knew if he didn't shake a leg that we could just hire one of these other guys.

We've also had a few ads on the door.  :p


  1. Yes, roofers get a lot of business after hail like that. When we lived in Texas, we had a hail storm with stones larger than golf balls. My friend had one crash through the roof and destroy her dining room table.

    Glad your garden is doing some recovery. Hopefully it's only a small set back.

  2. My goodness! I don't think I've ever seen so much hail. I got caught out in a hailstorm one day in the car. Tried pulling underneath a tree in a church parking lot. There were like four other cars that pulled off. Yeah, didn't help so much. It had to have been golf ball size. But that only lasted for about ten minutes. Still, I was kinda shocked the windshield didn't crack.

    Hope you have a garage for your cars!

    1. Yes we had the cars in the garage. Good thing as the garage got pelted pretty good too.

      The insurance adjuster came today. No on the plants :( bummer. But yes on the window of course and a screen that we didn't even notice...seriously it is a very tiny spot, not worth mentioning. Paint for the garage doors and north side of the house. New wood trim for the garage doors and a new bbq grill!