Thursday, June 07, 2012

Hail! Not Again!!!

Last night my area was hit with a storm that wouldn't go away.  We were pummeled with hail for over 3 hours!
Roses & bachelor buttons

hail couldn't get down the downspout so it jumped off the roof!

more hail from off the roof, last night the entire step was covered.

this garden was full of color until about 8pm

the aspens that I don't like lost a lot of leaves but look okay

all my brand new pansies are gone, this garden WAS full of purple

this one should be okay

this little guy, not so much!

white, maple seedling -gonner.  red, squash -gonner

cream pumpkin seeds that hadn't sprouted...may still sprout, but I'm not holding my breath.  red, roma tomatoes -probably gonner. white, beans that hadn't sprouted.  green in next shot

first green, eggplant -gonner, second green cherry tomatoes -gonner, red peppers -gonner

red above, white peppers - gonner, tall basket thing, tomatoes - gonner

pummeled tomatoes

red, lettuce & spinach - might have a chance, bucket w/brick & rock is covering maple seedlings that might be okay.

more piled up hail

yesterday I was planning who to give all my apples to, today not so much

most are on the ground

the ones on the tree are cracked & bruised!

pine tree

the cherry tree saved the plants underneath

onions & carrots (gone to seed on purpose) -gonners

our grill - we don't really use that table much anyway

hubby measured the hail in the first wave, we got two more waves of hail after that with hail up to 2inches.


  1. Good grief, that's a horrible hail storm. And what a heartbreak to cause so much damage to your plants. Maybe more will recover than you think (?)

  2. Oh My Gosh!! That hail sure did some damage. I hate when we put so much work into our gardens, home etc.... and something like this comes along and Bam.....

    I just found your blog and loved visiting with you....