Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hail storm recovery

Our house before the hail storm.  I didn't get a shot that shows you all the damage to it.

And here it is now (minus the ladder!)  We'll have to get that flashing painted.

The window in the upstairs bedroom there on the left was cracked and the replacement for it is on order.

Now for the garden.  See this link for the before shots.
 Lettuce & Spinach (although I don't see any spinach in this shot.)  They were tiny seedlings when the storm hit so they weren't all that hurt by the storm.  Doing well and about ready to harvest.
 slicing tomatoes, finally have flowers again.
 dark purple sweet peppers, they have some buds now.
 cherry tomatoes with flowers.
 small sweet peppers, there might be a bud there.
 egg plant, no flowers, yet
 roma tomatoes, no flowers, but the one plant looks healthy.
 green beans...these hadn't sprouted by the storm and still weren't sprouting about a week ago, so I tried digging them up...didn't find much so I planted new seed.
 pumpkins, weren't sprouted for the storm.
 squash, 2 1/2 made it.
the onions look pretty bad, but I harvested some and they're not too bad.  strong smell that mellows with cooking.  Great for broth & soup, which is all I can use them for anyway as hubby & Darly don't like them.

I have to say that I am VERY impatient when it comes to my garden.  Part of this is our super short growing season here.  We can't actually plant anything outside until Mother's day and to be safe from frost I usually wait for Memorial day and just buy the plants from our nursery.  I choose plants that already have fruit or veggies on them.  So the hail storm was for me a huge disappointment.  I have a friend who has offered to help me make a hail screen for my garden and I'll have to do that for next year.


  1. Oh yes, we gardeners are always anxious for the harvest. :) Considering what yours has been through, I'd say it's doing very well.

    I really like your new roof color too.

    1. I'm very hopeful. Yesterday we spotted two more bean sprouts and buds on several more plants.

      The old roof color matched the original house color of white with blue trim. So we have finally got the roof to match! I just noticed that the new picture shows off the new windows and porch also. (k, you can't really see the porch.)