Friday, July 20, 2012

Crazy Day!

This has been one crazy day so far and it is LONG from being over.

We start off with me waking up in pain...ugh!  So I just stayed up since I had scheduled a car appointment.  Ooops!  I should back up... YESTERDAY Darly left for her mission trip and we took in Oreo the dog of one of the chaperones going on the trip.
Actually they didn't leave for their trip until this morning at 5am, but since I didn't want to get up that early AND I was baby sitting the dog...we arranged a swap Kid for Dog last night.  So I woke up in pain and worried about my baby being on the road and to a whiny dog who misses his family.

Then I flip on the radio and hear that they are praying for I quickly go to a news website and see that some idiot shot a bunch of people in a movie theater.  I'm so sad, angry, confused about this.  I really hope that they come up with a better motive than what is leaking out that the idiot said "I'm the Joker."


Yesterday a friend asked to borrow my ice cream maker.  So I ran that to another friend's house this morning so that friend one could pick it up.  Friend two was having a garage sale today and I found out that 3 people had stole items from woman stole all the jewelry that they had for sale.  What is with people???

now for the car service rant...

I went online to my car's dealer's website to set up the appointment.  But I never received any confirmation of my appointment.  So I called the dealer this morning and he said that they weren't busy so I should bring my car in... he didn't bother setting me up with an appointment (even though I "had" one!)
So I get there and guess what?  They're busy now!  The service guy tells me that it is going to take about 45 minutes for my oil change.  (that I expected!)

After waiting for an hour and 15 min, I go find my service advisor (yeah, that's what they call them!) and he apologizes and says they're running behind, but he'll call back there in a few minutes to see how much longer it will be.  hummm why not call NOW?
I wait another half an hour and he comes to get me that they're done... no car wash... no vacuuming out my car.  Charged me $3.50 for telling them that my check tires light was on and miss-charged me for the base price on my oil change.  Oh and then I find out that my $10 rebate for this service will be in the form of a gift card.
Guess who WON'T EVER go back there again??? 

Needless to say that after all of that, I wasn't the best driver on the roads.  :p  I can't wait to get that service survey.

Glad to be home now, fed and caffeinated.


  1. I thought you were gonna say you tried buying a Twix and it got stuck in the vending machine :)

    George: "Yeah, right. I'm gonna get my car repaired at a dealership. Why don't I just flush my money down the toilet?"

    1. This place didn't even HAVE a vending machine. I could have gone for a Twix! :(

      and from now on I won't be taking my car to the dealer. I only did it this time for the tire pressure light...and look what that got me.