Saturday, July 14, 2012

they're tyring to get more of my money

I recently saw an ad for this new Finish Power Up Booster Agent.  And it got me to thinking...  remember the good old days when all you had to put in your dishwasher to get nice clean dishes was regular old dishwasher detergent powder?  What ever happened there?
I mean somewhere along the way we had to start adding in rinse agent...and dishwashers started coming with a special place to put the rinse agent (btw: vinegar works just as well!)  But before we didn't need that and the dishes came out clean.
and now we have to add this new stuff too?  I mean in the one ad the woman complains about the spots on her dishes and the dishwasher repair guy says it is food that didn't get washed off!  WHAT?  Why isn't the detergent doing it's job?

Oh I know why... They're just after more of my money!  SIGH!

Whatever happened to the days when manufacturers put out a good product and stood behind it?  Now days you have to buy insurance (aka extended warranties) that the darned thing won't break in the first 3 years...and note: that's a limited warranty.

I know what happened... They're just after more of my money!

I saw in the news where retailers have won a lawsuit against the credit card companies that they can now charge the consumers the bank fees retailers pay for processing credit card payments.  In case anyone wasn't paying attention...consumers HAVE been PAYING these fees all along in increased prices for the items.  Now it looks like folks who pay cash are supposed to get a discount...we'll see how long that lasts.  Especially if folks stop paying with plastic and start running on the banks for their cash (oh fees there too!)

Speaking of the bank...every time I go in there they're trying to sell me something.  Hubby got talked into opening an account for Darly...the joke is on the bank though because that account still has just the $20 that was required to open it.  Instead of seeing my picture ID the bank wants to see my bank issued credit card as proof of my account???  What if someone had stolen my wallet?  How does a credit card prove who a person is?  Oh wait, they want me to use that card to buy stuff and not pay for it so they can charge me interest. 

Why is it that in this country it seems to be crime to keep any of the money you earn?  Yes, I get that everyone is trying to earn a buck...but it seems that there are way too many folks who are earning it by cheating someone else out of that buck.  Is anyone out there still being honest? 

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  1. Oh man, I love a good Renee rant!

    I love that I had to sign a 2-year contract to get my phone, but that it was only under warranty for one year, so of course, it crapped out shortly after I'd had it for a year.

    And I always have to "pre-wash" dishes in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher, or it's pointless.