Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oreo’s saga Part 1

Oreo is staying with us for a while.  His people are on a mission trip.  This blog post is from his point of view...or at least my interpretation of what his view might be.
Day one of my imprisonment…
Well at least I recognize this place.  I’ve been here two times before.  I STILL can’t figure out WHAT I did to deserve this banishment though.  No matter how much I whine and howl, my people ignore me…and the warden here either laughs at me or tells me to “Hush!”

Day two of my imprisonment…
The people here are idiots!  No matter how much I try they REFUSE to give me treats or human food.  They can tell I haven’t been eating my food.  The warden tried giving me some of this other dog’s food, but it is just kibble.  I can’t believe she willingly eats that crap!  Not only does she eat it…she went and gobbled up my kibble too!  What an idiot…she can have it!  Whining doesn’t help me at all.  Sigh!

Day three of my imprisonment…
Today was somewhat better.  But the warden still is refusing to give me any treats or human food.  I guess I better eat this kibble as it is all they’ll give me.  They have to hide my kibble from the dog who lives here, so they’re putting it in my bed…hummm breakfast in bed.  I could get used to this!  The humans have moved all the furniture around and it smells a bit weird in here.  The walls are turning funny colors.  The humans keep yelling at the other dog…she keeps getting in their way while they color on the walls.
Day four of my imprisonment…
The humans left this morning so they gave me a treat…YAY!  FINALLY!  But I got locked up…phoey!  Why do I fall for that trick every time?  The man came back after forever and let me out so I could go bark.  Later the warden came back.  The humans moved all the furniture back and made a lot of racket with that loud machine…then the warden made them stop …said her head was hurting.  Later the warden made the house smell REALLY GOOD!  So good my tummy was rumbling.  But the people ate almost all the yummy smelling stuff in another room.  THE NERVE!  But forever they gave me some…oh man that was good, I kept looking for more.  So I went and ate some of my kibble because my tummy was still rumbling.


  1. No matter how much I whine and howl, my people ignore me

    I feel the same way.

    1. I sure hope that "your people" see this. ;o)