Friday, July 13, 2012

Random - I guess

I haven't posted cuz there hasn't been a whole lot going on here.

Slowly the roofs are getting replaced in our neighborhood.  Right after the storm there was a bunch of houses that got new roofs right away, but things have slowed up a lot.  There is one roofer who got contracts for most of the houses in our neighborhood...about 10 or so I would guess.

One of the other roofers actually came up to me and asked why all the houses were being done by this roofer and why we weren't having ours done by that roofer.  That was funny...he was on his fancy phone looking this other guy up and couldn't find him.

Well Mr.Roofer who has all the contracts has had shingles delivered to 3 houses so far...but hasn't started the work on any of them yet.  I'm confused.  I am assuming that he is waiting to do the work until all the other houses are ready to go, but I don't know what the hold up might be.  I sure hope that he gets out there and does all those houses soon as I don't want to be woken up every morning to the sound of pounding for the rest of the summer.  :p

We're getting Darly ready for her mission trip.  Yesterday they asked Darly to come and help with the make up class for 3 of the kids who had to miss the first two training sessions.  Darly is concerned with the youngest member of the team.  She says he has a short temper and gets frustrated easily.  I am hoping that his outbursts were just because his older sister was there at the training also.  They'll be working on different teams for the trip so hopefully he'll calm down as I found him to be a really good kid when I taught him a few years ago.  fingers crossed!

Darly has also taken up a new hobby/craft.  Card making.  She uses supplies found in the scrapbooking section of the store to make cards.  She is really good at it, so I'm encouraging her.  We've been blessed by several people who have given her a lot of supplies for her new endeavor.   She has been designing our Christmas Card fronts for years now, so this is really an extension of that.

We tried to have a garage sale a few weeks ago.  That was really a bust.  It was part of a community garage sale that our HOA did a terribly poor job of advertising.  Luckily several other communities were also doing a sale that weekend...however, with so much to choose from and the heat potential buyers were reluctant to leave the comforts of their cars to see what all we had for sale.  If they didn't see anything they wanted from the car...they just kept going.  And it also didn't help that hubby expected to make good money for our stuff...several people walked away upon hearing the prices hubby wanted.  I managed to sell quite a bit of stuff, but hubby balked at the very low price I got.  I didn't care as we have been putting this same stuff out at every garage sale for the past 5 to 10 years.  I just want it all gone!  Hubby now has most of it listed on craigslist hoping that someone will want to pay for this stuff.

That's about it.  sigh...terribly exciting summer so far.

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