Friday, May 30, 2014

The garden update

Here's what I had planned

In the pots by the retaining wall...
Tomatoes - 6 romas  2 cherry and maybe 2 slicing
Green Beans - 6
Peppers - 3 spicy - 3 mild  (I might be finding homes for the extras)

In the old garden that is now very shady...
Squash in the only part that gets any full sun...where the strawberries used to be (I'm currently digging them out, because 1) they don't produce very well any more 2) the birds eat what I am able to produce)
Onions - currently growing from last year
Carrots - currently growing from last year

Here's what actually happened...

Tomatoes - 4 larger roma (Health Kick) plants & 2 smaller Heath Kicks.  + 2 yellow grape + 2 Tommie something - they're a cherry that is supposed to like to hang...although I have no where to hang them from.

Green Beans - I planted 3 varieties and 6 seeds each.  fingers crossed there as the nursery didn't have anything but soybeans & black eyed peas.

Peppers - 2 sweet peppers and 4 jalapenos.  I might toss in some chili seeds too...might as well.

Squash - I got two zucchini plants and then put in some seeds.  - hopefully my seizure inducing balloon keeps the birds from eating all my seeds.

Spinach & Lettuce from seed - although I have some of both that were volunteers from last year.  YAY
Onions from last year - I dug up the old ones and spread them out and replanted.

Carrots - I dug up the old ones and composted them...then planted new seed. fingers crossed again.

brocolli - experimenting as it hasn't done well before.

I also put in some chard (I've never eaten this before), radishes and brussel sprouts- I sure hope that they like to live here.

I still need to go get some herb seeds as I thought I had some and all I had was parsley, which I dug up the old stuff to dry and didn't put any new in as we don't eat much of it.

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