Friday, May 23, 2014

Theater season is over for the year

Darly & cast finished up their season with a wonderful performance of Guys & Dolls.  I wish I could say that they performed to a packed house, but alas that is really hard to do when the show is scheduled for the middle of May...prom & graduation season.  Hopefully the plan for next year is for April instead.

At the end of the show I ended up packing my poor car to the gills with all the stuff we needed to return to the costume shop.  I'm getting really good at packing my car and driving with no visibility through the back.  lol

Now on for summer plans.  I have got to get my garden going as I'm running a bit behind.  Hubby seems to be more and more determined for me to give up my silly idea of growing my own food.  :p  I am not sure what his motivation is.  It isn't as if I am forcing him to eat what I grow or hiding the offending foods in his meals.  I grow because I like to (yes, I am a bit lazy about weeding) but it makes me buzz off DH.  ;)

The plan for this year...

Seeing as we're getting a great start to our season with our usual Hail storms, I am considering moving the garden temporarily to the back porch so the plants have a fighting chance.  Then I'll move them back to where I had them last summer by the retaining wall.

In the pots by the retaining wall...
Tomatoes - 6 romas  2 cherry and maybe 2 slicing
Green Beans - 6
Peppers - 3 spicy - 3 mild  (I might be finding homes for the extras)

In the old garden that is now very shady...
Squash in the only part that gets any full sun...where the strawberries used to be (I'm currently digging them out, because 1) they don't produce very well any more 2) the birds eat what I am able to produce)
Onions - currently growing from last year
Carrots - currently growing from last year

I've had to reinforce the fence around the old garden as my sneaky dog loves to help herself to my carrots.  I had one big beautiful carrot about to go to seed and she ate it.  buggar!

The hope for the spinach & lettuce is that the shade will keep them from bolting.

Oh, herbs are going in and around everything else.

I had better get dressed and go to work!


  1. Do you still need to wear your hail helmet when working in the garden? I have to agree how enjoyable gardening is! Except weeding. :p

  2. I probably should, but usually I just go inside and whine that the hail is killing my plants. :'(

  3. Your garden sounds great! I'll keep my fingers crossed for no more hail. (We haven't gotten any at all this year...)