Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lez do it!

sorry, channeling Tone Loc there.

For not being "in a show" Darly has had a very busy schedule of late.

Last weekend:
Improv show at 11am
meeting at 3pm
church at 9:30
dance at 11
voice lesson at 3

Oh and she had improv practice the Wednesday before

This weekend is a bit calmer
she has a "competition"'s a weird thing that her voice teacher wants her to do.
and just dance tomorrow

but on the horizon
voice lesson
possible improv practice
vet for Lilly
blood donation for me

then the two auditions!

She has FINALLY finished reading the driver's hand book.  Now to get her to take the online test a few more times so that she is comfortable taking the test so we can get that over with.  She is still petrified of taking the driver's test and driving too.  sigh!  But mom is sick of being her taxi.


  1. Wait, Darly is driving???? Where have I been? She was just like eleven years old.

    (Love the Tone Loc, reference. That must be from your Louisiana days...)

    1. she's not driving yet...but we are very close. and no I didn't enjoy the dulcet tones of Tone Loc until I moved to Florida. ;)

  2. And not only is Darly busy, but you are too! I kinda miss the days of being busy with my kids' lives, but being busy with the garden and goats is nice too. :)

    1. i'm probably going to have to get a real job once Darly can drive herself...and not just to pay for it.