Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Update of sorts...

This is an update to the When it rains it pours post.

Yesterday was the audition for Show A.  Darly decided to not do it.  She gave a very good reason for not auditioning.  Even though I wanted her to go and prove them wrong about their opinion of her acting training she was right.  Her reason was that she did not want to take a part away from someone who actually wanted to be in the show.  Knowing that if she did get cast, she was going to turn down the part.  I felt this showed great maturity on her part...or at least a very good excuse making skill.  ;)

This show had a new screenplay and new songs written by the director.  A friend of ours warned that the director could be very picky about how he wants things to go and might cancel the show on a whim if he doesn't get his way.

This was the show where the artistic team had a very poor opinion of the theater company that Darly has been with for the past 4 years and had me change Darly's resume to omit all references to that company...including the part about her stage combat skills because they wouldn't be "up to snuff" because they were for the "inferior" theater company.  :p

Other red flags...
They were planning to use the local theater here for the show, but had not booked it. 
The run date for the show is in August with rehearsals starting in July but casting it now.
The actors are supposed to get paid (nicely) but I couldn't see where the money was coming from as it is an expensive theater to rent.

The good thing is now we don't have to worry about Show A anymore.  Leaving shows B & C free and clear for being in...no more conflicting schedules.... although I did find another show to audition for.  ;)  I'm saving it as a back up for if she doesn't get into show B.

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