Sunday, March 08, 2015

Well THAT didn't work!

I had been considering getting a cat for our family for a while.  One main problem is Darly is allergic to cats.  However, we learned that there are certain "Hypoallergenic" cats.  And that explained why Darly did okay and well with some cats and not so much with others.

Problem number two is FINDING one of these cats...and I like to rescue my pets, not buy them.  So I kept checking our local animal shelters for the breeds I knew, but I was also looking at the characteristics of the cats because sometimes the shelter has no idea what they have.

That was the case with Chai.  I saw her photo on line and noticed that she met many of the characteristics of a cat that "could" have less of the protein that Darly is allergic to.  So we went to visit with her and yes, we were correct in that Darly didn't react to her at all.  

Darly & Chai

As you can see in the photo, Chai is a shy girl, but who can blame her...she was at the shelter surrounded by all sorts of strange things and the visitor's rooms have glass walls so she could see everyone going down the hall...including all the dogs.  Poor kitty.

Chai is actually a very sweet girl and of course my softy fell in love with her right away.  But we still had another hurdle to jump here...  DAD!!!!

I hadn't bothered to tell DH that we were even thinking of a cat because the chances of finding one that Darly could have were so small.  Once I told him, he was not at all for getting another animal.  Ya know, I probably shouldn't have told him.  :-/  He was never for me getting any of our other pets ... well he was for getting Misty, but that was a long time ago.  

So we called the shelter and told them that we had to give up our hold on Chai.  I'm guessing that was for the best as that evening we saw that they took Chai's picture off of the shelter's website.  So we assume that she was adopted.  Hopefully she found a wonderful home with a dad who really wanted a cat too.


  1. I heard years ago from a woman highly allergic to cats who owned 2 that if you regularly shampoo them, the dander isn't a problem. However, my cat won't put up with that, and I don't know any that do!

    1. We have a groomer that we trust for our dog who also grooms cats. So if we had gotten a cat we would have taken it there. I would have asked at the shelter how long after getting her settled in we should do that.

  2. Oh yeah, you totally shouldn't have told him. I bet Chai would've had DH wrapped around her little paw within a couple of weeks.

    1. She probably would have, she is such a sweetie. But we were looking for a lap kitty and she wasn't it.
      DH nearly freaked out because he remembered that Trina, Trudy and Lilly were all added to the family when he was out of town.