Thursday, June 15, 2006

Friday Frizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well this is going to be totally random stuff...

Darly managed to loose two teeth. This is HUGE because they have both been loose forever and the adult teeth were both coming in behind the baby teeth. Apparently she was afraid that pulling her teeth out would hurt. These were teeth #3 & #4 to come out, but it has been a whole year since she lost the first two...which has me wondering...

Aren't they supposed to loose the two bottom front teeth (central incisors) and then the two top front(central incisors) and THEN the two bottom to the side of the first ones(Lateral Incisors)??? Well she lost the two on the bottom.

Okay I was RIGHT!

I know that DH will think I'm totally nuts, but I'm getting Darly this gripper thing! Then maybe her next teeth will come out quicker and I can stop nagging the poor kid about it! LOL

We went to a local fair here and can I just complain about how loud the music was??? It was so bad that we had our fingers in our ears durring the ride and when we got off the police officer across the street came over and told the carny to turn it down...YAY...but why couldn't he have noticed that sooner? I know that we as a family are sensitive to noise, but this was way beyond loud. Other people were saying it was loud too.

We live at our Church. LOL! We went in on Wednesday to fold the newsletters too. And I found out that another Church member died. I didn't know this one...but it feeds into that superstition that they go in "threes." And everyone in the Church office were agreeing with it too. Funny how we should know better but we believe it anyway because it does happen. We all feel better.

Darly decided to get her hair cut short like a friend of hers. She really likes this girl, who I don't see giving her all that much attention in return...but she isn't mean either. So we went and got it cut in a Bob about chin length. It looks so very cute. I seriously considered getting mine done the same way...but I've got all these dreadded layers in mine and it wouldn't look good. Besides I've got a horrible picture of me with a bob. What I need is it cut like it was in my Avatar picture. I should take that with me to the hairdresser. LOL!

I got convinced that I should become a Girl Scout leader. So I've been taking the at home class. They have where you can go to a 3 hour class or take it at home and they guess that it takes 12-15 hours to complete. Well I've got just one question left and in actual work done on it, has been more like one hour...maybe two. On the last page (yes, I skipped one question to do it last) it asks for my evaluation of the study manual. Okay, first ya don't wanna get my opinion...cuz I'll tell you! Ha ha ha ha So I told them that I wished that they hadn't scared folks by saying it takes 12-15 hours to do that thing! I don't think that even a slow reader would take that long.
A friend of mine has warned that I didn't ever want to do this because they will be asking me to do everything else. It aint happening... because I have a good excuse. "My Family is More Important" and there is seriously nothing that they could want me to do that involves my family...I've already said I would help with Darly's troop...that's it. I know...famous last words....

Dh is driving me nuts (what else is new?) He wants to go to Las Vegas. In one breath he asks me "When do you want to go?" and I tell him. Then he asks "Who is gonna watch Darly?"
Okay, maybe I'm taking this the wrong way. But to me it sounds like he doesn't want me to go because he doesn't want to impose on his mom to watch Darly.
So because I don't want to upset Darly by argueing about this in front of her, especially if he doesn't want me to go...then she doesn't need to get upset about me going unnecessarily.
I wrote him a note, telling him just what I told you. I can't tell that he really wants me to go. So I wrote that if he wants to go...go. And if he wants for me to come with him...he needs to call his mom to see if she can watch Darly.

How much you wanna bet that I ain't goin?

BTW: I hate Vegas. I'm just going for alone time with DH. It would be our first alone trip since Darly was born. The last time I went to Vegas, I was two weeks pregnant with Darly.

Okay, that looks long enough.


  1. You've been busy busy busy.

    Have a great weekend. Don't study too hard for the GS Leader course. They never had courses when we were kids and we all had a great time! The key is to get parent participation. Good luck with that one!!

  2. I'm glad the GS home course was pretty quick and easy for you!

    I can't wait to see Darly's new "do" :o)

  3. Girl scouts? You don't want that. Then you'll have people like me asking if you can get them a discount on those yummy cookies :)

    Perhaps you should think about volunteering with senior citizens. You have a cup of coffee with them or something and its supposed to brighten their day.

    I remember being afraid of losing teeth when I was little. No matter how loose it was or how much my parents assured me, I still hated it. Especially when they tied the string to the wrong tooth that one time.

  4. You handled the Vegas thing brilliantly. So are you going?

  5. I don't think I'd care much for Las Vegas, but I'd love to get away... just anywhere!!