Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ut oh! I feel like Mr McGreggor!

This morning after breakfast Lilly was whining very loudly at the back door. We look out and spy a rabbit. This is the second time that a rabbit has gotten into our back yard and we can't have this with my garden back there.

So I let Lilly out to take care of the rabbit (I know that she can't actually catch one). Well it turns out that there were two of the little buggers out there. Of course they took off in two different directions. Lilly and rabbit #1 went one direction and I took off after the other one who was heading for a dead end. I wanted to open the gate and let it out, but it ran past me instead and went straight for my vegetable garden.

Darly found it in the back of the vegetable garden, so I grabbed some shoes and went into the garden (remember the fence?) to chase it out. And it did get out. Apparently the fence is NOT rabbit proof. But as I was investigating the fence I noticed a hole in the ground that was not previously there before.

OH NO! Don't tell me that there's a bunny nest in my vegetable garden! So I get down on my knees to look into the hole.

Whew! No baby bunnies. Can you imagin the set up? A fenced area where the dog can't get to you and all the veggies you want, if you let the plants grow.

So I filled in the hole and adjusted the fence...mostly for the dog, the rabbits can get in anyway. Then I went to block off the areas of my yard's fence to keep the rabbits out of the yard. I thought that they had come in threw the second gate that is all warped. But we watched rabbit #2 leave threw the gap between the fence & house. So I blocked that off too.

DH thought that I should not have let Lilly chase the rabbits. But I think it was a good thing.

1) hopefully the rabbits will remember the dog the next time they think of coming after my garden.
2) Lilly has a great memory and everytime that she goes out she looks for the rabbits...instead of looking to bark at the neighbor dogs.
3) Lilly got plenty of excercise today... She insisted on checking for the rabbits in the front yard too. LOL!


  1. Bunnies are so cute - when they aren't eating your garden! We have many bunnies frolicking in our yard. Alas, we have no garden.
    Your dog is going to get a lot of exercise protecting your veggies!!

  2. My mom used to plant something the rabbits didn't like--or so she thought. They were her nemesis. Great story.

    Thanks for visiting my MM.

  3. At least you didn't bring them in to eat them! ;-)

  4. Hey babe did you know that rabbits are allergic to wormwood? plant some in your garden and you won't ever have to worry....rabbits have long memories (totally non-toxic too!)

  5. I heard those sonic repellers work really well on bunnies. Can't have them eatin' the produce, I agree. Good girl Lilly!

  6. Oh well, least you get cute photos of bunnies!

  7. Cute bunnies!

    If you posted cute bunny pictures everyday, this would be my favorite blog ever!

  8. The summer I was 12, I found two bunnies in our backyard. Because this was in Phoenix, it wasn't a common occurrence. They were runaway pet rabbits, apparently-- no idea how they escaped. Fortunately for them, we didn't have a dog. Unfortunately, we didn't have a garden either. They had to look elsewhere for their food. Around here, you see bunnies everywhere.