Monday, June 19, 2006

No time to remember....

I've got no time for a monday memory today.

I've gotta pee Update: Done

I've gotta finish the laundry Update: Dryer died! Had to fashion clothes lines between fence and swingset to hang clothes out to dry. Worked pretty well. Clothes seemed to dry faster outside in the sun & wind. But now they are all stiff and scratchy feeling! Oh and it messed up me getting ANYTHING else done!

I've gotta do all this paperwork on my desk (includes making a deposit and entering the checks into the database...paying bills...filing) Update: None...they are all still sitting here mocking me!

And I've gotta make a paper maché donkey for our VBS. Update: Darly just came in here with parts of said donkey asking me to work on it. I'm too dang tired! Maybe since she's a ball of energy I should let her do it?



  1. Except you don't even say paper mache. You say pah-pee-yay.

    If you get that reference, color me impressed.

  2. You're one busy girl!

  3. A paper mache dankey?! Wow, I'm impressed... make sure to post pictures of the finished product. (I've never moved beyond covering a balloon...and ending up with sort of a paper mache "egg" :o)

  4. Oops... I meant dOnkey. (I shouldn't comment when I'm tired..)