Friday, June 09, 2006

Welcome Home

Miss S

Mrs W

Today I got the news that the second of these two lovely ladies was called home. And while this news should not have been a shock, I was shocked.

The first picture is of a dear friend of mine Miss S. Her passing was a shock to everyone as she died quickly at home on Tuesday May 23rd. I was on a first name basis with this lady. She was so full of life and friendly. S was on so many different boards and in so many groups at our Church that I saw her everywhere and she could talk your ear off. She was an awesome lady and she'll be missed so much and not just for her lovely homemade greeting cards that she sold at Church with all funds going to our Crisis relief fund. She leaves behind her daughter who is in our Praise Band and her son who was in the Praise Band before he moved to Golden. While I've done projects with both of her kids, I was closer to her. Her memorial service will be held on June 16th so that the members of our choir who are touring in Germany can attend.

The second picture is of Mrs. W. I didn't know her as well as Miss S. We had chatted with each other a few times while getting bulletins and newsletters ready for Church. Mrs. W has been fighting ovarian cancer for over a year now and her death was expected. About two months ago, while on a field trip to a cemetary here in town I found Mrs. W's husband's grave. So I assume that she'll be laid to rest next to him. I don't know Mrs. W's family. Her service will be this Sunday at 3pm. I wonder if the choir will be able to attend (I'm not sure when they are getting back from Germany.) Mrs. W was a member of the choir for many least as long as I have been attending this Church.

I won't be able to attend Miss S's service as we have something else on that day. And I still haven't decided if I will attend Mrs W's service. I think that it is less likely as DH didn't know either lady that well. I'm a big blubbering idiot at funerals. I don't know exactally why. I think a big part of it is that my parents chose to not expose us to any as kids. I would like Darly to not feel this way, but I fear that my reaction will influence her. I really don't want Darly's first funeral to be of family.

Time to have a deep discussion with DH...

UPDATE: It looks like I will be able to attend Miss S's memorial now as the previously scheduled event was canceled...I'm sure that someone had a hand in that. :D Now I have to figure out what dish I'm bringing for the pot luck.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. It sounds like it's been a sad week for you... I'm sorry.

  3. What sad news. I'm so sorry.

    I just wanted to let you know that we are now voting on my latest caption contest. Since you entered, I though you might want to vote...if you haven't already. :) Vote Here.

  4. I don't think anyone ever knows what to say at funerals. But I've never regretted going to one. I have regretted missing them, however.