Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Shamelessly stolen from Jen

My good buddy Jen over at Jen's Hoard posted this today and it's worth spreading around...so here it goes!

Make the Connection

Merck Pharmaceuticals is giving one dollar for cervical cancer research for every free bracelet kit people order here. I found this at Snopes, which has also listed a lot of important information about HPV and cervical cancer, so go check that out, too.

HPV is so common, and it seems like the word isn't getting out how many women are at risk because of this virus.

So, don't forget to get your superhappyfun yearly exams and go order a bracelet kit today! (Jen posted about her last exam, but I didn't tell you about my exam...just the mamogram. Oh well, maybe next year. Mine aren't quite as eventful as Jen's though...just the normal stuff. Maybe I should see her doc?


  1. Now it looks like they're all gone :-(

  2. Superhappyfun. lol

    I've heard girls say what a joy those are. Well, when you're a guy, they ram an over-sized Q-tip up your yinyang.

    That feeling stays with you a few days. And mentally, much much longer.

  3. I got lucky and got my bracelet kit ordered before they ran out... it's too bad they ran out :o(

    Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers...