Monday, November 17, 2008

ACK! Thanksgiving is coming up fast!

Thanksgiving Countdown & MySpace Layouts

If like me you're always on the hunt for new and exciting recipes that your family will eat...OR if you're just getting started at this whole holiday party thing, then you should check out for some cool recipes.

Oh and did I mention that you could win $3000 for the ultimate party? YUP! So hop on over there and sign up today. And if you sure to invite me to your party, K? ;)


  1. It's here before we know it! Craziness!!

  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I can't believe this year, where do the days go????
    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving but I love reading about all the preparations and celebrations.
    Have a happy day!

  3. Hey, I need to stop by your place and pick up a fax later.

    I signed up for a food delivery service. They're faxing me menus from some area restaurants.

  4. I don't fink my mom is 'llowed to fix new foods fur Thanksgivin'. All I care bout is the turkey anyways.

  5. Wait, I don't get invited to CA with you but if I get a party I'm supposed to invite you? How does this work? ;-)

  6. ha! nobody wants me cooking ANYTHING! But I'll come to your place for dinner. :)

    Looking for places for the virtual book tour! Check it out.

  7. I'll invite you and I'm checking out the website. Thanks for the tip. I love cooking stuff during the holidays, but it always seems that I run out of time. This year I'm cooking's one of my goals.