Monday, November 24, 2008

stuff to do...

well after a pretty lazy weekend, I've got to start getting ready for everything...

tomorrow I need to pick up some of the last minute shopping I need to do. I need eggs and evaporated milk.
Darly has gymnastics tomorrow and I may sneak in some Christmas shopping for DH. I would like to be all done by Thanksgiving...wish me luck with that. I totally don't see it happening. sigh
We will also get to host a visitor for a few days. His name is Sox and he's a very cute dark grey bunny with "helecopter" ears. I'll have to see if he lets me take his picture. His mom said I could use him as a stud with my rabbits if I wanted to. LOL! She wanted to send her boy bunny over for an 0rg!e. (<- that ought to bring in a few lurkers!) Just so you know, my girls are all spade.

Wednesday night we're having a pie fellowship after Church service and I'm being sneaky...I'm bringing Pumpkin Dessert instead of pumpkin pie. It's kinda like a pumpkin dump cake...pour pumpkin mixed with all the stuff you normally put in a pie into a baking dish; cover it with a dry cake mix; then chopped nuts; and finally a melted stick of butter. Bake until it's "golden brown and delicious!" Yum! DH is thrilled cuz his mom who normally makes this dish is making a cherry dessert for now he'll get his favorite.

Thursday we'll go over to MIL's house bringing Green Bean Casserole & salad. :( MIL isn't letting me help much at all. Oh well. I bought my own turkey to make sometime later (she's serving a Turkey roast, I sure hope it's a good one!)

Friday DH has to work while we're in a turkey coma! Ha Ha

Saturday, nuttin planned

Sunday we have practice for Darly's Christmas Program, Sunday School, Church service AND a birthday party to attend! Yup! Crazy party animals here!


  1. I like the pumpkin dessert. It sounds great. I can see how it's DH's favorite. YUMMM!

    Green Bean Casserole is very important. It's a stable for any family gathering. If you ask me, you have the most important dish. Well that and rolls. I'm bring GBC to my family gathering as well. I'm trying a new lowfat recipe. We will see how the family reacts.

  2. If you happen to know a male that's available for being put out to stud, you know how to reach me O:)

    P.S. Do you happen to have a recipe for Christmas tree ornaments? You know, where you make a special kind of dough, use cookie cutters and then paint them? I figure if anyone would have that recipe it would be you :)

  3. good luck with the long to-do list! :) sounds like you'll be pretty busy this week.

    hope you and your family have a lovely thanksgiving!