Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Silly Lilly!

I had to post about Lilly's "vacation."

On Saturday (Nov 1) I gave Lilly a bath with Darly's help. I wanted her to be nice smelling when she went to stay at Grandma's house. Since I had her collar off for the bath, I took some duct tape and wrote her name and MIL's address on it so that just in case she got out, whomever found her could return her back to MIL. (thankfully, not necessary!)

On Sunday we took Lilly to MIL's house. Lilly is always a good traveler...loves to hop up into the car and get into her crate. Lilly always travels by crate because it's safest for everyone...although Darly had the backseat door open and Lilly thought that was where her crate was. (when we go camping I put her crate in the backseat.) But for this trip the crate was in the back cargo area of the car. Clue one for Lilly that this trip wasn't something fun like camping. but she didn't complain about it.

When we got to MIL's house I tried to have Lilly go potty outside before we went in, but MIL was calling for her at the she went running to her instead. As soon as everyone said hello, I sent Lilly to the backyard. Lilly enjoyed exploring the backyard and marking it, but she insisted that I be out back with her.

It has been about 3 years since the last time we left Lilly with MIL, but I swear that this dog has an awesome memory. Everytime we sent her out back she wanted me to be with her or she would come right back in. She seemed worried that I would leave if she were out back. I think I did leave when she was out back last time.

We stayed at MIL's house about 2 hours, trying to get Lilly all settled, but she never calmed down...she was a huge bundle of nerves. We took Lilly's bed, couch & some toys for her, but she spent most of the 2 hours running around making sure that I was still there.

Finally we left and Lilly watched us go from the front door. I don't know if she whined or barked. Darly called MIL when we got back home to check on her. MIL said she missed us, but was doing just fine...and for us to not worry.

When we got back, DH called MIL to let her know that Darly & I were coming over to get Lilly. MIL told Lilly that we were coming and Lilly went to look out the front window to check for us. When we arrived MIL told Lilly we were there, but it seemed that Lilly didn't believe her.

I got to the door first and it seemed for a second that she didn't remember me as she just sniffed my hand and then went to Darly. But as soon as Lilly was done sniffing Darly she was back to me and jumping all over the place.

MIL told us about all their adventures. She said that Lilly was a very good girl. She slept at the bottom of the stairs (never even tried to go up - cuz she's not allowed at home!) and did her best to protect MIL from weird noises. MIL said that Lilly was welcome to come back any time cuz she was such a well behaved girl. (course MIL has dog sat for her best friend's dog who is not a good dog, so Lilly was a treat!) I think that MIL enjoyed having her there...she said they had many good talks and naps together.

When we got Lilly home, DH was waiting for us. She greeted him with a running jump & kiss. LOL! And after getting propper belly rubs she soon calmed down to take a nap.

All has returned to normal for Lilly. but I may see if MIL wants Lilly to come with us for that they can visit eachother again.


  1. I think it's cute they had such a good time together you are looking to see if they want a repeat soon :)

  2. I have something for you on my site

  3. Awww. I'm always amazed at what our pets "remember". My friend has dogs that seem to know days in advance when they're going to the kennel.

  4. And we discover yet another use for duct tape.

    Lilly sounds sweet.