Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Visitor for Thanksgiving

Our home has had a guest for the last few days (he came over Tuesday night). He is very handsome and just about everyone here is smitten with him. For the most part he is a very good guest. He keeps us entertained with his antics and doesn't make too much of a mess.

His name is Sox (picture later) and he is a rabbit. He is very cute and funny. Sox's family went out of town for Thanksgiving and we agreed to keep an eye on him. His 'bean mom said that we didn't need to let him out to run cuz he's pretty used to not getting to run at home cuz his house isn't yet bunny proofed, but we decided to let him out just to see how much trouble he would be. Except for one little thing, he's been very good.

The one little thing is that he keeps trying to visit with my girl rabbits. Or as Darly and I have taken to calling it... "He wants to see the Ladies" with a acent you might say on the word Ladies. It's so funny. He keeps trying to go over there and rubbing his chin on everything (chin rubbing is one way that rabbits (and cats too) leave their mark on things), another is to poop...but it isn't normal's a bit smellier cuz they're leaving their "calling card."

But poor old Sox. Alas the Ladies don't want anything to do with this wild man! If he gets near they run, hide and thump. So we have blocked Sox's access to the girls room to keep them from getting upset. Sox keeps trying to get there though...and he is pretty smart. I'm going to have to make something a little more difficult for him tomorrow...I think that he plots how to get over there whenever we aren't there.

When Sox isn't trying to see the Ladies, he's a good boy and runs around the basement. He hasn't tried to find and eat any electrical cords or anything else for that matter. He just hops around, checking things out. He's found a few places that he likes to splat in. (we call it a splat when a rabbit lays down with their feet kicked out to the side...they're at ease and not worried about predators.) He doesn't mind us petting him or picking him up...but he doesn't like to sit in your lap. And he doesn't make any kind of fuss when we put him back in his cage.

I know that Darly is going to be upset when he has to go home on Monday. I may be too.

Well this was a pretty nice Thanksgiving.

Since MIL was doing most of the cooking I got to sleep in until 9am. I got up and put together the green bean casserole. I decided to make some rutabegas too since I had them and I know that MIL likes them.

When we got to MIL's house we found out that some family friends would be coming for a we were holding dinner (hadn't put it in the oven yet) until they came over because we didn't want it done while they were visiting. I should mention that MIL decided to make a Turkey roast instead of a full we only needed about an hour and a half to cook dinner.

The friends never showed up. BIL was there and he & DH got into an argument over politics. Some of what BIL said made me all the more sure that my suspicions about him might be true...

We finally had our dinner at about 5:30. The turkey roast was okay, but DH said when we got home for me to never buy one. I asked him if he wanted me to thaw out the turkey I had bought and make it up, but he said I didn't have to do it right away. But looking at my calendar...I'm thinking that having it soon would work out best for me. I'm gonna start thawing it tonight.

Last night we had a Thanksgiving Eve service at Church with a pie social. They asked folks to sign up to bring in pie. We ended up with way too many pies. I brought DH's favorite dessert and they barely served any of of the gals too about six servings home with her and I still have more than half of what I made. And MIL sent home the dessert that she now I have tons of desserts! I should try to freeze some of it! Hummm

Okay...time for sleep. I'll post Sox's picture tomorrow...during laundry & turkey thawing.


  1. mom! it's SOCKS not Sox

  2. not according to his mom. ;)

  3. Sounds like a cute little bunny :)

  4. How fun! What an entertainer!

    can't wait to see the pic of him

  5. I'll come over for leftover desserts. Turkey roast sounds interesting. I have never heard of such a thing.

  6. Um, if you know a handsome gentleman who wants to visit another lady, I have an address for you...

    Maybe I should get a rabbit?