Sunday, December 07, 2008

and Sunday...

Sunday was our first Christmas Pageant (we do it again on Wednesday night.) The program went really well (as well as it could have...) I mean it was cute and a pretty good idea and would have worked perfectly...if it weren't for children. LOL!

The kids were really great but whomever came up with the idea needs to get it through their heads that you can't make kids sit still and wait for that long! I mean even Darly at age 10 & 1/2 was getting bored and ready to quit.

The first part was that we had to be ready to go 15 min before Church service started. Okay you've now got a bunch of kids waiting in a room with nothing to do all in costume.

Once Church service started we then had to wait another 10 minutes or so (it sure seemed so much longer!) for our part in the service. The kids were barely keeping it together at this point. Oh and someone in their infinite wisdom decided to set up a table for the luncheon with plates, forks, cups & napkins along the wall where the 3 & 4 y/o kiddos were supposed to wait. I had to throw out a plate and move them out of grubby hands and directed someone else to save the cups.

Then we went in. And everything went almost perfect...I was expecting the row of chairs that we were sitting in to be empty, but instead there was a family who weren't in the pageant (kids were in, parents were not in) sitting toward the end of the row where we wanted to get in. YIKES! Luckily the girl I had put in the front was thinking quickly and directed everyone to the other end of the row and there was enough room for us. Whew!

Now the next part of bordom was during the pageant. About 15 or so kids who had non-speaking parts who were all supposed to just stand by the manger and look cute... through about 20 minutes of the pageant. Luckily today I didn't see any kids rolling on the floor like they were yesterday. Yesterday I was getting the EVIL LOOKS OF DEATH from my 10 y/ if it were my fault.

However when it came time for my evil 10 y/o to come back from the manger to do her speaking part, I couldn't get her attention! I was waving, rattling paper, snapping but she was looking everywhere but at me. Then when she finally did look at me (after another gal had to almost go up to her!) she was like "what?" and another angel came with her. LOL!

Other than that, everything went very well. Wednesday should go much quicker...I'm hoping at least.

After the pageant the kids all went to sit down, some back to their parents...all the angels sat with me. I then got to take them all up for communion. That was interesting, but the kids who went (one chose to not go) all knew what to do, so no big deal.

After the service it was time to enjoy the chili & Mac & cheese. Only my pot of chili wasn't out. It turns out that we had way too much chili and I didn't need to bring any. sigh! They did serve all of my mac & cheese though...and Darly & I got some too. YAY! The gal who coordinated the lunch told me that she only wanted 6 pots of chili, it was the pageant director's idea that we have at least 8, she asked for 10...I don't know how many total they had, but there were at least 4 pots that were left in the kitchen. We also asked all the parents who had kids in the pageant to bring something. It was set up by last a-k bring something and so on. Folks who brought something all brought CHIPS. We didn't get any cheese or other toppings for the chili (but they made sure to ask for it!) we barely got any desserts (of which I saw a lot going up for extras!) I don't know who all didn't bother to bring anything at all...but seeing as I brought two dishes I wasn't a happy gal.

I'm so glad that I borrowed the church's crock pots cuz I didn't have to take anything home at all. Yippee!

We got done with everything by 12:20. I told Darly that I could take her home, but she wanted to come to my cookie training. We got there very early cuz it was just down the road. And by the time things got underway, Darly was bored. If she had gotten bored about 10 min earlier than she did, I could have drove her home...but nope! She had to get bored about 8 min before start time. sigh.

Training went very well. I didn't notice too much new other than we can now deposit all of our checks into the Council's bank account, so we have less risk of bad checks (the council will eat the cost and send them directly to collections.) And this year the younger girls can choose to have the incentives or a council credit. The council credit can be used for field trips and such, but the money has to go directly to the venue...not through the troop. I think it's a clever way for the council to earn some interest on that money. ;-) Unfortunately for council, this year's incentives look too cute for the younger gals to choose the credit option. hee hee

That's about it for Sunday.

I hope that you had a fun weekend...and share all the details.


  1. Yeah, kids can't sit still for long. When will people figure that out? :)

  2. Christmas shows wouldn't be any fun if not for the kids, who wriggle and miss lines and such. ;)

  3. I always enjoy watching Christmas shows. The kids are so funny. They should have had Veggie Tales playing backstage. My kids sit super still when that show is on TV.

  4. So what happened to your chili? Did you get to take it home?

  5. Yeah, I was going to ask what happen to your chili too? Also, I had mac-n-cheese Sunday night. You inspired me. :)

  6. We always go to the 5PM mass on Christmas Eve so we can see the children do their interpretation of the nativity. They are always so cute and we love watching the very proud parents falling over themselves to get a photo of their child.

    Oh...and if you ever need someone to take some chili off your hands, you have two very willing volunteers! And your Mac n' Cheese too! :-)