Tuesday, December 30, 2008

wrappin things up...

We didn’t do much at all on Saturday just hang around the house. Put away some Christmas gifts zzzz.

But Sunday was much more interesting.

First Darly had to acolyte at Church. Unfortunately due to Darly’s age that means we had to attend the early service at 8am. Darly hasn’t had to be up that early in a very long time. I haven’t had to be up early enough to be ready for 8am service in a long time either. DH scoffed at both of us. @@

Fortunately everything went smoothly that morning and we made it to Church on time. It was a small service and was over before 9am.

BTW: We normally attend the 10:30 service and go to Sunday School at 9:30.

After Church service I had an exciting engagement to attend. I was going to meet my very first out of town blogging buddy. I got to meet Ladybug!!! What makes this so incredible is that Ladybug lives in Virginia and of all the places in the world for her sister to live, it just happens to be near me!

Yup, I was a bit nervous meeting for the first time someone I had only read about. But everything turned out just fine. We had seen pictures of each other so we knew how to find each other. But I have to be honest, I recognized LLB first.

We met up at Panera Bread and had a lovely lunch together, talking just like old friends. In virtuality we have known each other for a few years now. So everything just flowed as if we had been friends forever for real.

Ladybug is actually taller than I am, but I’m in a chair and she’s kneeling on the floor. LLB did the honors of taking the pictures. And oh yeah, I’m trying out wearing my hair wavy now.

After lunch we were there talking for at least another hour. The manager cleared our plates for us. Ladybug doesn’t have much internet access while she’s visiting here, so once she gets home I’m sure she’ll have some serious internet withdrawl to recover from. ;)  Oh and guess what.  Ladybug has a ladybug on her Discover card! 

I thought that was way cool! 
here's my card.  I swipped these images from the Discover webpage. :o
After lunch with Ladybug I had to get home so that I could take Darly to go and see her friend B. B and her family used to live here in town (we met B at Girl Scouts) but they now live in North Carolina…oddly enough not too far from BIL#1’s house. (nope, we haven’t made a trip there to visit!) Lucky for us B’s family come back here around Christmas for a visit. And even luckier B had a Harp Recital for us (and her other friends & family) to enjoy. B played beautifully, and except for her dog Zoey forgetting that one of the guests had been there and deciding that he needed a good barking at everything went really well.

Darly was a bit intimidated by B’s other guests. They were too loud and crazy for her. But once the boys left she joined in all the fun. We ended up staying until after 8pm chatting and the girls played. Unfortunately B’s family was heading back to North Carolina on Tuesday so Sunday was our only chance to visit with them.

oh and before I forget, I should tell you some of the goodies I got this year.

I signed up to do Kailani's Ornament Exchange this year.  I got paired up with a really neat gal...MEL!  So now I've added her blog to my google reader so I can keep tabs on her.  LOL!  but lookie at the pretty ornament she got for me...
Mel lives near the beach, so she sent me a beachy ornament!  How cool is that?  I love it!

And then being a glutton for punishment, I signed up for Leanne's Homemade Gift Exchange.  For that one I got paired up with Jane.  I'm reading her blog now too.  Here's what she got me ...

she made me this one!and she bought this one that was made by someone else!  Isn't it pretty!  I love them both very much!

Since Sunday, I've been hiding out at home mostly.  It's been nice to not have to do much of anything.  I need to make sure that Darly doesn't have confirmation class tomorrow and we should probably scrounge around for some groceries and stamps.

Everyone have a great New Year's Eve...be safe!

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  1. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Oh, you and LLB met!!! how wonderful!
    Happy New Year!! it's snowing so I am indoors, it's great to have wifi :)

  2. Hope you have a great new year. Your new ornaments are very nice!

  3. Remind me to sign up for that ornament exchange next year! I think that's a great idea! :)

    Have a great New Year! Don't drink too much - Darly's not old enough to come pick you and DH up from the bar and cabs are hard to get ;-)

  4. I want to sign up for that ornament exchange next year too.

    How cool that you and your blogger friend met. I hope you meet some of my friends too.

  5. how super cool you got to meet another blogger! I've met one, and that was so long ago it was on my previous closed blog the one before my current closed blog! yeah! :)

    anyway, happy new year and... happy birthday!!

  6. I got an ornament before Christmas this year and regifted it in someone's stocking on Christmas Eve :)

    It wasn't bad. But I usually don't put ornaments on the tree, just little colored balls.

    Also, I find tinsel distracting.

  7. Oh, Happy New Year.

    And are you a close talker or are you just standing close to Ladybug for the picture?