Thursday, December 25, 2008

how our Christmas went...

DH, Darly & I spent the better part of Christmas Eve morning cleaning up the house in preparations for MIL's visit. We got most everything in ship shape, cleaned ourselves up and headed over to MIL's house.

*I need to add that Darly was sporting quite an attitude. She had an issue about what clothing she was going to wear, and what shoes to wear with it. But telling her that Santa could always skip our house worked really well.

DH took a Christmas card over to MIL's neighbor (who has been a HUGE help since MIL hasn't been driving) and got fuzzed by her dog. So when he got back to MIL's house he needed to use a lint remover on his pants.

We went to the 3pm Church service at MIL's Church. The lady who sat in front of us had two small boys who were "full of beans" and no I don't mean gassy. They were just very wiggly. There were several times when I wanted to smack them. But I could tell the mom was doing a bang up job with her boys...teaching them just how to annoy everyone.

The lady who was behind us decided that she needed to sing every Christmas carol loud enough to drownd out the choir. Which made it okay for Darly & I to sing at the top of our lungs too! hee hee It didn't matter how bad we did, cuz loud lady drowned our voices out too. That was fun and loud lady gave MIL loads to complain about for the rest of the evening. MIL did a lot of complaining about her Church. She barely knows anyone there anymore and the pastor that she really likes left there a few years ago. Yet she won't leave to another Church.

After Church we had a nice dinner and then opened up our gifts at MIL's house. Then we loaded up the car to drive to our house. On our way home we passed by several homes in our neighborhood to see the light displays. We also opened a few gifts at our house.

Then it was time for bed....for everyone!

DH & I got ready for bed and I waited for Darly to go to sleep. After everything had been quite for about 30 min, I was getting ready to sneak a few gifts I hadn't put nametags on and one that was too obivious to leave under the tree under the tree when a dog starts barking! That dog must have barked for 10 min! great!

I waited about 10 min and headed downstairs with my gifts. DH said I was very noisy, but no one stirred.

Finally I get to bed, but I couldn't sleep. I had a very fast Christmas song stuck in my head and couldn't calm down. I tossed and turned, I went from freezing to sweating, I must have gotten up a bazillion times to use the restroom! I have no idea how Santa made it to our house...he had to be very quick cuz I don't remember sleeping at all.

Next thing you know it's almost 7am. So I hop into the shower and get dressed.

When I'm done, DH wants more sleep and says I shouldn't wake Darly.

I peek in her room, well first the door that was closed was wide open...and as soon as I stepped into her room she sprung from the bed. She had been up for 20 min she said and was just waiting. So then she goes to wake up MIL.

I rush to get the coffee going!

Then it's time for presents! We had quite the haul! Although there was NOT a new American Girl Mia doll under the tree. That was a disappointment for Darly, but I think the new camera might have made up for that.

After presents, I made scrambled eggs, baccon & toast for breakfast. We had left-overs for lunch and I made Ham, Mac & Cheese & veggies for dinner...then more pumpkin dessert & Grasshopper pie. I need a tube to pump out my stomach! I'm too stuffed. And I need a diet...BAD!


  1. Of course, I hear you on the diet part! But, sounds like you had a great Christmas. BUSY! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love hearing all the little details -- sounds like so much fun!

  2. Oh, and happy holidays!!!

  3. Sounds like Christmas went relatively well :)

  4. Grasshopper pie? I might not object to seeing that recipe in my inbox O:)

    Sounds like a very full Christmas! Hope Santa was good to you!

  5. So I hop into the shower and get dressed.

    You get dressed in the shower? Do you cook in there, too? Is that where you made this grasshopper pie?