Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Power Cord rule explained

This post is for you guys out there...cuz us gals already know this.

When a guy gets a tool with a power cord they are happy and think about all the cool things they're going to build with it. And these new tools with the batteries are just ultra cool! Guys love them! Shoot I love them. If DH got me a drill or a saw for Christmas I would be happy. Power tools can be used to be creative, or to fix something where someone will show you gratitude for fixing it.


Not all things with a power cord are gifts. Stoves, refrigerators, washers & dryers or vacuumes, etc are NOT something that makes a gal happy. And you may be asking "Why?" Yes, these "tools" do make our lives easier. However, these tools are also a symbol of our "enslavement." These tools help us complete our day to day tasks that are always taken for granted. I often do you notice that the floor has been vacuumed. There's a nice dinner on the table, but do you realize all the work that went into getting it there? No one says "There's milk in the frig. Thanks!"

So to avoid any confusion on my DH's part on what I would consider a gift...I just told him to NEVER buy me anything with a cord that you plug into the wall and consider it a gift. Instead if we need say a new dryer, it will be a purchase for the house...NOT FOR ME. Please note that I did add a disclaimer to this rule...if I ASK for this item with a cord, it is then okay to buy it as a gift.

And believe it or not, this simple rule has worked out very well. DH is never confused about what to buy me as a gift (probably because I leave him a very detailed list). In fact two years ago I did ask for a gift with a power was a mini-crockpot. DH almost didn't allow Darly to get it for me. She had to argue with him in the store "NO dad, it's okay! She said to get this for her." And when it came time for me to open the gift he had to announce his disclaimer that this was NOT from him. ...what a good boy! ;-)

next week's topic: The Toilet Rule - or how Men and Women can live together in harmony.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    You are a clever girl and you know your rights.
    ::thumbs up::

  2. LOL Aint that the truth

  3. If I should ever happen to meet Mr. Right, I'll be sending him to you for training :)