Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Toilet Seat Rule

Or how Men & Women can live together in harmony.

I know we've all heard the great debate on whether the toilet seat should be left up for the men or down for the women.

Well I've got an answer that solves this once and for all. It is very simple really.

Remember that other piece of the toilet seat that's on there? The lid?

The simple solution to every one's problems is to KEEP THE LID CLOSED when not in use.

Now before the men come and argue this... Some things to remember:

Men - you need that seat to be down sometimes too. I know that you don't want to sit in water any more than we do.
Keeping the lid shut avoids having to see what might not have gone down when you last flushed the toilet.
Keeping the lid shut avoids the toilet aerosol that can spread all sorts of yucky stuff.
Keeping the lid down helps to keep certain odors contained for a while.
Keeping the lid down means that everyone has to do a bit of (not so hard really) work when using the toilet.

and more importantly... there is a point in a baby's life where they are exploring everything. Keeping the lid down (and sometimes locked for some) keeps the baby from playing in the toilet, which is not only gross, it can be dangerous.

I used to have a very cute cross stitched sign behind my toilet. It said:

Lower the lid please
Ladies present
a wet behind
is most unpleasant.


  1. I agree!! I hate when guys do this!

  2. My toilet seat lid is always closed. It annoys me when people visit and leave it open. Um, is that how you found it? No? Then don't leave it like that.

  3. Anonymous3:17 AM

    Some things were meant to look prettier when closed :)
    I did it! got "The Friday Night Knitting Club" because you recommended it!! Found the English version downtown Barcelona!!

  4. Agree! But it's just me at the house so I keep it open. But if I'm having guest at my house it's down.

  5. Well I was going to argue the male point of view here, but you got me with the germophobia argument. Drat!

    I'll be back.

  6. Told you I'd be back...

    I used to have a thing on my bathroom wall that said, "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie."

  7. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Oh that was great! I have to agree this is a solution that works well for all...especially the germophobic...

  8. OMG..I can't believe I didn't comment on this earlier. This little issue reigns supreme in our battle of the sexes here at our home. Grrrrr....