Friday, June 05, 2009

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner - Review

I just took this survey that says I'm an Avoider Cleaner.  Hummm I really didn't need a survey to tell me that.  LOL!  It's a dirty job, but it must be someone...preferably not me.  hee hee but seeing as there isn't anyone else here, I guess I better do it!
So I was happy to try out Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner cuz well I bought these silly tables that have both glass and wood in them. :p  and cleaning them is a bear.
It's cleaning made simple

Today we're constantly on the go. Thankfully, there's a multi-surface cleaner that keeps up with our busy lives. With Pledge® Multi Surface, you can move from surface to surface, room to room, cleaning and dusting in no time at all. Easy to hold and easy to spray, Pledge® Multi Surface tackles dust, smudges and fingerprints on nearly every household surface, including mirrors, glass, wood and stainless steel. With an antistatic formula, it's great for cleaning electronics too. Get the residue- and streak-free clean of Pledge® Multi Surface and clean more, faster.

Safely cleans many surfaces:

Wood Laminate
Stainless Steel

Well the Pledge Multi Surface made easy work of my multi surface tables and did a great job on my dining room table too!  I've already mentioned that I'm an Avoider Cleaner so I don't have to tell you that I didn't go cleaning my entire house...right?  Okay...I didn't go clean the entire house!  and I probably won't...but when I do get off the computer and clean some of the house, I'll be grabbing the Pledge Multi Surface. :D  to check out the stories of 5 other bloggers and click on the link for a $1 off coupon for Pledge Multi Surface.

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