Saturday, May 01, 2010


ya know I should really write these right after I've been irritated, it would be so much easier to remember why I'm mad about them. LOL!

I'm irritated by the group of adults with the school group who thought that it would be appropriate to wait for their bus to arrive in the middle of the lobby of the theater. Totally blocking the exit (ever hear of fire codes?) so that I couldn't leave. When the kids would have been perfectly happy seated in the theater or against the walls away from the doors. gah!

I'm sure these are the same folks who leave their carts in the way while grocery shopping and then stand in front of the display for 5 minutes while locating the item they're searching for and talking on the cell phone. Note: they're blocking the way with their body AND their cart...two blockages here! These folks seem especially prolific during busy shopping times!

The lady (or ladies, I never did figure out who was responsible for this group) who brought in the group of school aged boys (why weren't they in school?) who decided to play "cowboys & indians" in the lazy river at the pool. The boys constant lack of attention to anything around them caused them to bump into us and the walls of the pool quite frequently. grrr! I suppose though that they did provide extra heart rate and obsticles for me.

The town I live in who should really hire a full time city planner (and if they already have one fire this person and get someone who knows what they're doing!). It seems each year they tear up the same bit of road to change it. Currently they're tearing up the road near town hall to put in the roads they need for the new civic center (that was planned 5 years ago, before this road was put in!) It also appears that they we redesign the traffic circle to a two lane traffic circle... umm all the roads going into the circle are only one lane.

and also the genius who blocked off two of the three lanes of traffic for 4 miles so they could work on the last block. I'm sure all the folks who had to work that late were just over joyed at being made to sit in traffic that much longer before going home that night.

The current election going on in my town for the water district. Thanks town for the head's up on this one. I hope it goes well because I'm not wasting my time on it.

Speaking of elections what are all these other folks running for? Their constant ads don't say. They also don't do us the kind favor of at least telling us what party they're in...the ads all seem to be generic enough to dupe us into voting for the wrong person if we aren't paying attention...and seeing that this isn't a presidential election, and I can't tell what office they're running for, does it matter? all this talk about voter apathy...

I think I'm done for now... but stay tuned.

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  1. I totally find it best to get my irritations out there ASAP :)